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Mastering Reflection Skills: A Comprehensive Exploration

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  • Published On: 20-11-2023


The research would revolve around the importance of the skills of reflection. The process is an adroitness that assists a beginner or an executive to gain acquaintance, credence and consciousness. For gaining reflection five principle skills are to be taken care of likewise being, speaking, disclosing, testing and probing.

The expertise of being is the leading and the prevalent skill. The expertise of speaking is to distinguish and discover the skill. The adeptness of disclosing is done by apportion. The skillfulness of testing is done through open investigation to expose feasible new methods and lastly the expertise of probing is done to extract certitude, presumptions, rationale and the result.

  • Apprentice challengeThis challenge includes management, deputation, business consciousness and most importantly collaboration within the team. In other words, MacMillan (2016), rightly opined apprentice challenges objects to intensify contagious expertise and motivate teams of the workers to come up with innovative ideas. This pursuit is normally acceptable for all grade employees and the assignment can usually be customized to encounter specified work aspirations and targets (Hailu.2019). In this type of challenge it is usually seen that the employees work in teams and grapple in opposition to each other over countless provocations and finally present the whole work in front of their supervisor who in turn who shows indistinguishable character and finally at the end of the apprentice challenge, whichever team wins the dare to bring out the best innovative ideas and business plans becomes the winner of the challenge. Attell, Brown & Triber.(2017), stated that reflection has been effective in studying an individual's exposure to ameliorate the procedure of working or learning. In accordance with reflective theory, Graham Gibbs, has presented a well proficiently recorded method to acquire knowledge from involvements. This model helps the organization to work through participation.

    It was influenced by Fuller et al. (2017), that the apprentices challenge has been particularly and explicitly planned to exhibit all the fundamental lines of work accredit in an individual as well as in the group.


    Gregg.(2019), opined that the apprentice projects are epitome as isolated proceedings due to their quintessential period. There are many benefits of the apprentice challenges that help the business in many aspects like it indoctrinates effectualness expertise. According to Capl, Leask & Younie.(2019), apprentice challenge teaches the employees to be punctual and helps them to learn time management. It also motivates synergetic functioning. Apprentice challenge intensifies connections. Through this challenge it can be seen that the bonding between the workers to work as a team is intensified and sorted, which inspires and encourages the staff of the organization a lot. Lastly to conclude the apprentice challenge spurs code of ethics (Chang.2016).

    Other than that Higdon.(2016), opined in this challenge the most disheartening thing is the apprentices receive a nominal pay than the validated workers in the organization, regardless of doing the same tasks as that of the other workers in the organization. However; this is done in the organization as an apprentice has less involvement and is less expertise than his confidante and at the same time the mentor takes in a lot of responsibility to train the apprentice.

  • Presentation challenge

    According to DeVito, Birnholtz & Hancock.(2017), the presentation challenge in an organization is done to put light on the demands of their spectators and give priorities to them. The procedure to attain this is by concentrating uniquely and totally on the spectators wish and insistence. The presentation skill also keeps an account of what their watchers want to see. It is a true fact that it requires a lot of courage and intrepidity to be presentative and deliver contents in public.

    On the other hand; Galloway.(2017) rightly opined presenting is a challenge but it swaps an individual's discernment of the chance from being a burden to a prerogative. The organization expands the possibilities of stimulating actions in lieu of merely imposing convention. With the merits of the challenge come few demerits that are to be taken care of and executed properly to enhance the reflection skill of the workers and the organization as a whole (Carnegie, 2017). Frequent presentation mistakes that bring down the organization in a pitfall are not formulating accordingly, conveying incongruous gratification, demonstrating clearly and to the point. Hence, to avoid pitfalls in the presentation challenge the focus would be on bringing out illuminating, stimulating and persuading contents in front of the spectators

The Skills

To bring out the facts and facets of the preparation challenges first the reflection skill of overcoming the pitfalls are necessary.

Communication skills

Carefully preparation of any presentation is very much required and essential in an organization. The challenge is successful only when the audience is happy with the content of the presentation. According to Thompson et al (2018), before giving any presentation one has to be confident and up to date about the matter of the presentation. The important material in doing a proper presentation is spending ample time in preparing the whole content.


Presentation challenges have many more complications and to overcome them one has to be very careful about the things and the consequences and in turn have to be prepared with a plan B to overcome the situation (Carnegie, 2017). Before any presentation one has to go through the processes of the presentation like the functioning of the laptop, the synchronization of the contents slides and other things.

Time Management and Meeting skills

Audience is the most important concern in the presentation challenge so the first thing to be taken into account is satisfying their needs and understanding what they want (Chiluwa & Ajiboye, 2016). The whole challenge would be successful only when the spectator is happy.

Using indecorous content:

A vital thing that is to be taken into account in the challenge is to survey the needs of the audience and then do the presentation (DeVito, Birnholtz, & Hancock, 2017). The content used in the presentation will have to be very informative to earn the trust of the spectators.

Being too loquacious:

Another mistake done in the presentation challenge is being too verbose. Sometimes a short and informative presentation brings out a power pact result than a long loquacious and garrulous presentation makes the interest of the audience dispassionate.

Business Skills and Competencies developed:

According to Santosa & Yasa.(2020), the T-shirt challenge is a distinctive way to attract the customers. The unique scheme to draw the attention of customers by offering designed t-shirts to the consumers and at the same time spreading the advertisement throughout. The organization takes this challenge after scrutinizing the market, the trading, the surroundings, the finance, the operations and many more. Besides, Chiluwa & Ajiboye.(2016), commented that the T-shirt challenge reflects on the communicational skills and emotional intelligence. This challenge on the other hand helps the organizations to learn about the combating privileges and the SWOT analysis.

On the other hand, T-Shirt challenge has a risky way of advertising and gaining acquaintance as this process also has few disadvantages. Likewise wrong message conveyance; this could mislead the customers to acquire the wrong information regarding the organization.

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Before taking in this challenge the market survey of the right demand of the customers is to be done to get well through this challenge successfully.

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The whole study revolves around the facts and the facets of reflection skill on an individual and the ways to improve it. The research also brings into limelight the challenges an individual or an organization faces and how the reflection skill helps them to improve on the stages accordingly. The three challenges are elaborately discussed in the study giving the advantages and the disadvantages in a clear note. The action plans of the following skills are discussed as well.


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