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Reflection on how to plan Placement

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  • Published On: 23-11-2023


Reflective study has been based on individual experience on learning about wider subject area of the research. In other words, as per Gibb’s reflection model, this study revolves around own ability to make a plan for placement. It would give a detailed study about the placement planning and the setting of SMART goals (Gibbs.2017). I will emphasis on Gibbs Reflection theory would be helpful in terms of transferring my learning from one situation to another (Radey et al.2016). In this context, I would like to transfer my learning and take help from three action points in order to transfer to my next semester. Also, further, I have planned some actions for my own evaluation and from mentors’ point of view to check whether I have done on the right track or not.


My Ability to Learn about placement planning



Using an implementation of Gibbs reflection cycle, I would like to have focus on SMART goal techniques as well as managing time in respect of my competency on placement plan. Further, it would also point out my set of goals and objective that I have made with my team members online. On the other hand, depending on the guidelines provided by my mentor, I have decided to complete my tasks and responsibility with the given limit of time. I have identified that while completing my tasks my team members had an issue with me in terms of managing team building and gaining effective communication with me. I have also conducted some research of my own self to layout my thought process of learning using the above mentioned techniques.


My feelings was quite ambiguous in terms of meeting my professional aspects while learning session, I was quite confident about my concerns of newly set of objectives, where I could utilize my professor’s supervising on my skill development and start preparing my placement. I could recognize that I had my mentor had a good terms with me and so I have relaxed on this particular terms and conditions. During the learning process, I have also felt that I need some additional support for the purpose of suitable benefit from behalf of my mentors and team members.


According to Johnson et al. (2017), effective feelings about placement learning is to make sure that an individual is able to find suitable form of management and controlling the ways of managing it. It determines the fact that if I would need to learn and initiate about placement, it needs to be, as per learned using the tools and techniques on visual reasoning and executing maximum program process. On the other hand, as per Forrester et al. (2018), placement services has its key objectives of meeting the need of time, quality and effective outcome in front of management. In this regard, I have somehow acquired to have some suitable skill sets which will influence on my nature. So, in this respect, if I proceed to make further planning of placement, I need to add some valuable assets in it. My action plan would be to make a plan with certain activities that might include test and then stages of multiple researches as well.


I per my opinion, I have recognized that SMART management technique that has been devised as a suitable ways of designing management goals and placement process (Gharaibeh et al. 2017). It has fundamentally tried to make me realize that I have to think and layout the process of placement, using this technique for the entire process.

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Based on my overall understanding of knowledge and process placement, I have found this experience on learning to be quite engaging as well as positive. The people with whom I was involved gave me some positive motivation of how to deal with placement on the basis of my abilities and how I am going to represent different for the next semester. However, my seniors have given this scope by their guidelines to have better structure and timeline goals and set up with a target-oriented. Hence, I have also understood that I need to develop my skills in managing the placement to will be planned as well in respect of time.

Action Plan

After the assessment and the gauging of the placement planning can be done by first of all set the plan completely then go with jotting down on a page or a paper inducing analysis, which would be another step of action in the betterment of the placement planning. The next step will be to arrange a virtual meeting place online that will be conducted via video or conference session on that placing service and its process of going into detail of setting of key milestones as well. Moreover, my further step will be to proceed with systematic goals and its execution on missing tracks as well as achieving the goal of not missing out any information (Brand et al. 2016). So, in that concern, there might be different viewers on this made up plan. However, it can be modified on the basis of different scales and end goal.

From my end, I will be planning for actions like:

  • Regular monitoring of my placement services by involving my team members every week on rotational-wise.
  • To have focus on my team members’ execution on my plan and then updating on week-wise for finding if there is any drawback in timing or distribution of responsibilities of team members.
  • I would also need plan an action where I ‘m able to find the drawbacks if they are not able to control any difficult situation.
  • At the same time, the placement plan will also include some feedback form where, I have to check on a daily basis about any demand of change or any dispute in the ongoing process of services included in the placement plan.
  • These are some of the action plan that can be conducted or monitored on the basis of performance and management time in order.


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