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Reflective Analysis of Template Development for Autism

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  • Published On: 18-11-2023


Reflection is important because it allows individuals to personally recognise their strength and weakness of knowledge and skills in relation to their work which is to be improved. The mentioned reflection is detailed explanation regarding the experience which occurred during the development of the template regarding Autism focussing on Adam as the family member. The Borton’s Model for reflection is to be used as it provides simplified structure of reflection to be followed to effectively present determined facts. Moreover, it allows holistically focus on the experience to determine the strength and weakness of skills and abilities in the situation (Snyder, 2019). The different stages of the Borton’s Model of Reflection are What?, So What? and Now What? (Skinner and Mitchell, 2016).

Borton’s Model of Reflection



In phase, the concise description of the experience is mentioned (Skinner and Mitchell, 2016). During the development of the education template, I experienced that though I had effective research ability to gather valuable data but lacked enhanced concept of the way they are to be presented systematically in the leaflet within the limited word count and way attractive images are to be used in referring the mentioned facts. It is evident as I have developed enough data by searching Google Scholar, CINHAL, Medline and others regarding Autism from which Adam is suffering as he is the key family member from the case study been focused in the assignment. However, I faced difficulty with the way those vast data are to be structured briefly within the limited word count and to be presented in systematic manner so that ass well-structured flow of the facts is maintained. Moreover, I expressed confusion with the use of exact attractive images that would highlight the mentioned facts in allowing others to understand easily.

I was able to overcome the difficulty to some extent when a friend wished to share a sample leaflet on a similar topic as example file to be followed in framing the education leaflet. This is because from the example I could relate the way bullet points are to be used in presenting certain information. The example also helped to determine the way attractive pictures could be used in comparison to written facts for presenting data, in turn, helping me to reduce extra words that would otherwise led me to exceed the word limit. Moreover, the assistance helped me develop clarity regarding the way flow of information in a leaflet is to be maintained so that it remains well-structured and attractive for the readers to read the mentioned facts in detail and not ignore them.

So What?

In this phase, analysis, as well as evaluation of the mentioned experience, is to be executed (Skinner and Mitchell, 2016). My initial lack of concept regarding the way to systematically present data may have led me to create error in mentioning the facts in the leaflet that would otherwise make the readers develop wrong or hindered concept regarding the topic for education. This is because unclear structural presentation of data leads to create gaps in the presented facts which disorient the exact message or information to be delivered through the data (Markantonatou et al., 2017). However, my later ability to structurally present data may have made me to effectively follow confidentiality and privacy. This is because if the data I presented was mentioned in unstructured way I may intend to disclose personal facts out of negligence and non-systematic thinking. My ability to structurally present data in the leaflet was effective to create concise use of words making me prevent to go over the word limit. Thus, it helped to present my efficiency to write facts as instructed in the class within word limit.

My later experience of being able to overcome the obstacles of presentation of data in systematic and attractive manner with pictures in limited wordcount with the help of an example file provided by my peer was effective to resolve any gaps or error in data presentation. This was effective as it helped me to provide well-defined heterogenous data to be presented to holistically educate people regarding Autism in brief. However, the experience mentions that I lack effective problem-solving skills in resolving difficulties at work as without the assistance from the peer the difficulties faced by me could not be resolved. The problem-solving skill is important for an individual as it helps them to develop enhanced mechanism to be followed in figuring out problematic causes that are leading to the hindered action and strategies to be implemented in overcoming them (Kim et al., 2020). Thus, the lack of skill could lead me face problem in future which could be resolved as always, the peers may not be supportive to assist others in overcoming difficulty. The experience led me to inform that my descriptive language skills are still poor. This is because I think I may have included personal views while writing the facts in the educational leaflet.

Now What?

At the present, I require to improve my descriptive writing skills along with enhance my problem-solving skills. For the purpose of enhancing problem-solving skill at the present and in future, I intend to become more focused on strategies that could help me in overcoming the problem rather than focussing on what caused the problem. Moreover, I intent to develop active listening and try to personally access example for similar work before initiating them so that they can be used as reference in overcoming difficulties faced in writing any content. I need to improve my descriptive writing skills and now I intend to create more use of my imagination along with learn dynamic words and phrases that could be used for effective description of data without personal bias in future.

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The discussion mentioned that I initially developed issue with presentation of data in concise and well-structured manner with the use of images to be mentioned in the education leaflet. However, with the use of example file that improved my ability to briefly present data resolve the issue. I current need to enhance my descriptive writing skills accompanied by problem-solving skill.


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Appendix 1

Learning Reflection

The Borton’s Model of reflection is used in reflecting the learning gained while framing the education leaflet.


The framing of the well-structured education leaflet is essential because it helps to provide overview regarding the topic of interest to aware people of the facts that are essential to be known by them but are still not known to them. The particular education leaflet regarding Autism is been focussed so that well-descriptive and structural detail of the health disorder is known to the common people to help them understand the way to tackle the health issue. I also focused on the leaflet to learn regarding the way written content followed by pictorial representation are effective in delivering wider knowledge regarding any topic to the common people. The focus on the education leaflet was also ensured so that I learn regarding the way wider facts are to be presented in concise manner and yet to be holistically understood by the readers.

So What?

The learning regarding the way written and pictorial information can be used collaboratively in the leaflet was essential as it led me to develop insight regarding the importance of pictures to be used in supporting written content. Moreover, focus on the way to frame well-structured leaflet led me to learn the way descriptive data are to be presented within confined word limit in explaining facts to people within limited time.

Now What?

At the present, I intend to reflect on my personal experience in framing the education leaflet to understand the further skills and abilities I require to enhance for future to present more effective leaflets for education purpose.

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