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Selective Schooling and Academic Results


In this introduction discuss the main aim and objective of schooling which is to gain knowledge and be able to disseminate the acquired knowledge into the practical world and community at large.

Focus as well on the environment under which the process of schooling and learning takes place may also be of much influence in achieving its aims and objectives. The overall terminology for schooling is education which generally entails the processes of ensuring learning, or knowledge acquisition, skills, virtues, values, morals, beliefs, and habits are achieved.


Briefly describe the educational field as surrounded by the practicability of delivery methods of pedagogy including teaching, research, telling stories, training, and group discussion in general therefore schooling is the act and process of acquiring formal education in a school with the aim of having positive academic results.

Explain the pedagogy in schooling as aimed at having good or improved academic results. The effectiveness of such a practice needs the elaborate interaction between the learner and the teacher. In the normal regular schooling or what is termed as public schooling there is a poor ration between teachers and learners which makes the hours of personalized interaction between the learner and the teacher minimal.

Unlike general public schooling, describe how private or selective schooling has a manageable population of learners, this makes the interactional time to be increased as the teacher’s attention will be rooted towards a manageable population of learners.

Signify how this improves the academic outcome of the learners as the learning process is effective and interactive.

Presentation of Data

Through the provision of the data obtained about both learners and teachers of both the public schooling and private schooling. Present the data using as a table as follows

Comparison in Performance Between Public and Private Schooling

Use graphs to explain the performance difference

Discussion of Findings

The research should aim at either justifying the topic or denying it.

From the data provided discuss the findings on whether the private schooling is making it possible to have improved results or not.

Illustrate how private schools can improve the academic results of learners. This should be pegged on the findings about the small number of learners in such environments and the good management system that aims in the academic achievement of the learner.

Explain the experiences of those who have at least all the specified experiences of both the general schooling and private schooling and the fact that what they gained academically in private schools is much more as compared to what they got in public schools.

Illustrate the private schooling scenario is solely attained the manageable numbers of learners in private schools is aiding the good performance as compared to the crowded public schools.

Discuss the teacher to learner ration. This should either be as per the global guidelines of one teacher to forty learners and as per the website’s findings.

Describe how all the findings improves the productivity of the teacher as well as the knowledge acquisition process of the learners.

Explain the setting or origin of private schooling as whether it was to counter the poor academic performance in the public schooling scenarios. This should be aimed at solving the weaknesses found in public schools.

Explain how the weaknesses bread poor performances.

Give examples of the poor weaknesses including poor academic staffing, poor academic infrastructures such as laboratories and lack of the synergy to work towards achieving the mission and vision of the schooling.

Discuss the proficiency and quality of staff utilized in private schooling as specified to be the core drivers towards academic achievement in such schools.

Briefly explain how competitive hiring should be encouraged in public schooling so that only the qualified and effective personnel should be tasked in impacting knowledge to learners.

Specify the effects of poor staffing of public schooling where quality is not the mandate.

Under this sub heading as well discuss the main aim for schooling if its academic performance.

Using the available literature materials explain summative and formative evaluation processes.

In formative evaluation process explain if its success is determined before the end of schooling and how this helps in examining the outcome and being able to make the appropriate adjustments to either improve or maintain the performance.

Explain the evaluation done at the final level of schooling that is summative evaluation how it can be realigned as the learner has already completed the learning process.

Explain what makes formative evaluation appropriate as it is applied in private schooling.

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Under the conclusion summarize all the above but consider to the following

Explain why any academic act that leads to positive academic outcome should be considered as fit for the knowledge acquisition process.

Specify the reasons why the public schooling is not advocated for.

Explain why public schooling is considered as a weak tool of knowledge provision.

Discuss the most appropriate way in solving the gap between the public and private schoooling.

Explain the proper mechanism from a benchmarking in a private schooling.

Explain why all the findings on improving the public schooling should be put in total practice at regular faces in order to enable the public schooling to achieve improved academic results.

Additionally, discus proposal on how the private schooling should be encouraged, this should include proper creation of awareness on the impact of academic improvement and be emphasized in order to create an academic oriented environment.

Similarly, discuss positive impact of physical environment on academic performance of learners.

Explain how the environment motivates the cognitive motive in learners making them to gain morale towards performances.

Denote on how crowded schooling lowers student’s achievement and their disposition in matters academics.

Briefly explain why the private schooling influences good performance in totality


Bashir, S., Lockheed, M., Ninan, E. and Tan, J.P., 2018. Facing forward: Schooling for learning in Africa. The World Bank.

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