The Transformative Power of Education

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  • Published On: 20-11-2023
Benefits of education in the society

Education is important in daily lives as it encompasses our lives. Through observation, assimilation and exploring new activities, it is possible for the learners to learn different things and know a vast range of knowledge in future. Education provides a scope to improve our mind set and process new information to analyse further situation and create solutions. Education is hereby important to reach the target and it reshapes the society with knowledge and skill set of the individuals. The role of education has its impacts on society, mindset and knowledge of the individuals (Mohan, 2012).

Purpose of education in the society

Self empowerment is the main reason of education, where one can be empowered and utilise own skill and abilities for being productive in the society. Good education provides a scope to the individuals to be self empowered and follow the rules and regulations in living in the society. Apart from that, as citizens, it is the right of the individuals to improve structural functioning of governance and economy and through education, it is also possible for the individual to improve the government structure and ensure economic growth. Social development is another purpose f education, where the standard of living of the people is maximised in long run. Education also provides a scope to the individuals to identify own potential and qualities to sharpen the skills and talent and utilise it for fruitful purposes (Mohan, 2012).

On the job efficiency
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It is important for the students or candidates to gain more in depth knowledge and skill through education and continuous learning. Educated candidates are eligible for future skilled workforce where they can explore new alternative solutions and work productively by utilising their skill and abilities (Mohan, 2012). Higher education and diplomas are also effective for the students, where they can learn more and gain skill for achieving future career objective, hence, education has strong impacts on the efficacy of the candidates at the workplace. These people are able to improve knowledge and skill set continuously and it further helps them to become competitive leader and take innovative decision for further fulfilment of career objectives.

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