Understanding factors which influence learning

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  • Published On: 14-12-2023
Inclusive practice

1. Understanding factors which influence learning

1.1 Reviewing the impact of personal, social and cultural factors on learning

The personal, social and cultural factors have its crucial impacts on the student learning and skill development. The major personal factors are such as sensation and perception, fatigue and boredom, age and maturation, emotional condition, needs and interests as well as intelligence and motivation (Maggio et al., 2019). Sensation and perception includes five sensory organs which are skin, tongue eyes, ears and nose and these act as the pathway to knowledge and it is vital to the perception of the environmental stimuli. On the other hand, age and maturation is also important to influence inclusive learning where according to the age, there is an increase in maturity level among the students where they start understanding the role of education and become sincere to teach effectively (Greven et al., 2019). Fatigue and boredom affects negatively on learning by decreasing the efficiency and competency of the students to concentrate and work in class. Personal intelligence and motivation further have positive impacts on learning and developmental activities among the students.


The major social factors that influence the inclusive learning are such as parental education, atmosphere at the home, interpersonal relationship, social inclusion and environment at the schools. The children try to follow their parents and it also has crucial, effects on their learning and education (Chao et al., 2017). The home atmosphere as well as the learning environment of the educational institutions also affects the learners to adopt new skill and develop their knowledge. In this regard, social inclusion, encouraging student participation and interpersonal skill are helpful to influence the inclusive education among the children. The cultural factors including personal values, language, ecological adaption and childhood socialisation are effective to enhance learning activities among the children. Interrelationships, good communication, positive behaviour, equal participation and language development create an effective environment or inclusive learning (Greven et al., 2019). Hence, personal, cultural and social factors are important to provide good learning environment to the learners.

1.2 Reviewing the impact of different cognitive, physical and sensory abilities on learning

Cognitive, physical and sensory abilities affect the learning and developmental activities among the learners. The major cognitive abilities include attention and sustained, memory, logic and reasoning, auditory processing, visual processing, and on the other hand, reading ability, skill development and grabbing new knowledge and activities in the class room and analytical skill set. The ability to read and write, skill adaption process, the ability to analyse any content critically is effective for positive learning and skill enhancement (Chao et al., 2017). On the other hand, there are physical abilities which include health and wellbeing of the students, physical development, mental health, nutrition, visual and physical defects and glandular abnormality (thyroid and pituitary) which influence behaviour and also affect the educational process. Bad health generally affect the learners negatively where they are not interested and feel lethargy to learn, read and write (Maggio et al., 2019). On the other hand, physical disabilities such as hearing sight, visual, and speech disabilities also affect the learning and development negatively.

There are several new systems to teach the learners with physical disabilities such as the visual impairment learners use braille as well as there are speech and language therapy to support learning activities among the students with physical disabilities (Maggio et al., 2019). Hence, the sensory abilities are important for language development, cognitive skill growth, fine and gross motor skill, social interactions and problem solving and critical analysis skill. Hence, good physical health, nutrition and fulfillment of the personal needs of the child increase their interest to learn new things and adopt new knowledge for skill enhancement (Greven et al., 2019). They are encouraged to particulate in the inclusive learning activities and ensure brain development. On the other hand, physical disabilities and lack of sensory abilities further affect the learners negatively, where they cannot read, write and learn new things easily like others. The activities such as participation, social interactions and language development are also affected for such disabilities among the children.

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