Comparative Analysis of Higher Education Systems

The higher education systems of Uk and India are both different and seen to be having a good impact on the students studying there. It's not about the education system only but the level of education that is provided by the tutors and the professors here in the universities. India is a developing country and the education system here needs to be enhanced so that the students can get a quality of education and teachings so that a good future can be formed. But still the education system of India is a good one and the students are seen to be working abroad in different countries. The IIT, IIMs, NIT and other education platforms that are present here in India are seen to be beneficial one for the students studying. These are one of the renowned education platforms that are known across the borders and their education system is also reputed one. Many of the greatest minds are seen to be educated from these universities. India is earning a good name and fame regarding the education system in various fields. A general problem that can be seen here is the theoretical knowledge regarding the subject. The theoretical knowledge is only provided to the students here instead of providing the practical knowledge (van Veggel, 2018). Thus students do lack a certain point of knowledge in schools and universities regarding the taught subjects. It can be seen as a barrier regarding the education system of India. The higher education in India is of private or public institutes only.

A different education is provided in both these private and public forms and can also be said as a demerit for the education system of India. India is working on their literacy rate and the education for both the male and females are being processed by the Indian education system. Generally the students from India get high profile jobs in countries l;ike UK, USA. Many of the engineers and doctors are working in the UK or other countries where they are earning a lot. India is implementing various tools and technologies for improvement of education system in the country. Instead of just getting a degree if students will be focusing on the knowledge and information then Indian education system would have gained a good level in the world. The E learning or the distance learnings are seen to be an important part of the education here in the education system ofg India. Moreover, international students also study in Indian schools or universities so that they can get good knowledge and information. A benefit that can be seen in Indian education system is the education for the poors students are also available and the scholarships that are a kind of big help for these students. The degree or the period of study here in the Indian education system is even higher as compared to any other education system.


UK education system is seen to be at a higher level than any other country (Frisancho, 2016). Generally higher education comes with the theoretical as well as with the practical knowledge here in Uk. A good quality of education is provided by the Uk. The teachers and professors here in the UK are of a good level that helps the students to gain a good knowledge regarding the subject.

A benchmark of teaching is being processed by the education level here in the UK. Students are seen to be working in a good firm and earning a good amount in the Uk or other countries after achieving a good education here. The scholarship and helps that are generally proposed by the universities in Uk are one of the helpful for the students hre. Varios of the students are seen to be gaining knowledge from universities in the UK. As there are around five universities that are famous in the UK and the whole world. A large number of students try to gain education for these universities for a better future and gain a good life in future. Uk have a good supportive education system that is seen to be supporting the students there (Sheikh, Y.A., 2017). Uk have a great educational background and good information regarding the subjects. The practical information is one of the important aspects of the education in Uk. It is generally seen to be that the theoretical aspect is lesser as compared to the practical one. Education standard in the UK is also a developed one and is way behind compared to other countries. The education system of the UK is said to be in top ten among the whole world. Students get placed in good organizations after completing higher education. A good aspect of education in the UK is that there are a lot of subjects that can be chosen for study (, 2020).

In the comparison of the two countries, it can be seen that the education level of Uk is higher than India because the Uk is a developed country. Uk have a good infrastructure and invests on education here. The scholarship to the students studying from other countries is also an attractive one for studying in the UK. A good future and learning environment is generally focused here in the UK as compared to that of india.Instead of being a developing country India is not too far in the education system as compared to that of UK. The students studying from India are working in firms in UK or Usa and have a good renowned name across borders. The higher education in Uk is provided in ample amounts so that good quality information is provided to the students available here. A good aspect that can be seen here is the engineering or PHd degree in Uk is completed in a short period of time and thus students can gain a good future and career in a short time. Thus it can be understood that the two countries are good in their own education system but still the higher education in the UK is much more developed and better than Indian one (, 2020).

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