Economic Impact Wildfire Disaster Greece

Economic effects

The economic effects of any calamity are measured by the number of people affected (injured and dead), the amount of property lost and the resources that would be used in the mitigation process. As of December 15th, 2018, 100 people had already been confirmed dead from the fire, while 164 adults and 23 children were taken to hospital with fire injuries. Later it was reported that 15 more people died from fire-related injuries. Despite, these deaths, properties such as cars, residential houses worth millions were also damaged (Konstandaras, 2018). The Greek government in conjunction with other partnering countries such as Cyprus used millions of Euros trying to mitigate the condition. For example, Albania gave Greece a financial aid of £100,000 to deal with various emergency situations.



The 2018 fire was among the worst calamities ever faced by Greece, although this is not the first time the country experienced a similar disaster. In 2007, the country faced a similar disaster that claimed lives. With this in mind, the Greek government should always equip itself with the necessary equipment to handle such a situation, and avoid loss of life and property (The Guardian, 2018). The region affected in 2018 is home to more than 3 million people, and during the summer, the area attracts tourism activities that account for approximately 16.2 billion USD every year, which is 8% of the total GDP of the country. Therefore, the impact of the fire was somehow felt in the whole nation.


As much as forest fire is a natural occurrence, governments ought to establish the necessary strategies to evacuate people and mitigate the disaster as soon as possible. For example, in if the Greek government was adequately prepared for such a situation the damage would not have been as huge as the one experienced. Even so, this was a lesson that the government learnt from, though at the expense of the people, their properties, and the environment. It is fortunate that other countries stepped in the mitigation process, which reduced the number of casualties and other devastating effects of the fire.

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