Embracing Simplicity In Planetary Motion


Copernicus arguments on heliocentric theory of the planetary motion are based on comparative simplicity and harmony. Copernicus supported the theory of the planet’s motion compared to the geocentric theory that was a formed by Ptolemy. Other theories such as Galileo and Kepler argued that the theory heliocentrism was based on simplicity. From observation, it is clear that the company can system is far much simpler than Ptolemy’s and other geocentric systems such as the Tychonic system.


The theory was methodological as it involves theoretical analysis of the methods used to come to its conclusion. The theoretical analysis looked into the possibility of the sun being the centre of the universe. The heliocentric theory can be summarized to mean that the center of the earth is not the center of the universe but it is the center of activity and enormous fear. The theory also states that the Sun is fixed in one place in all other spheres revolve around it. The theory also states that the earth moves in more than one motion around the sun.

Therefore, the motivation of the simplicity in the theory is apparent as Copernicus used the known facts such as the earth is one of the planets an earth revolves around the sun to form his theory.

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  • Swerdlow, N. M. (2017). Copernicus’s Derivation of the Heliocentric Theory from Regiomontanus’s Eccentric Models of the Second Inequality of the Superior and Inferior Planets. Journal for the History of Astronomy, 48(1), 33-61.

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