Gibbs Reflective Writing


In this paper, I will conduct reflective writing following Gibbs Reflective Model for my experiences while working in a group at my university about the Junction hotel. As is recommended by Conway (1994), through reflection, I can look consciously into my experiences, feelings, actions as well as responses. I am also able to interpret these items and learn from my experiences. I can reflect on the above issues by looking at what I did and what I discovered from carrying out those activities.


Description of the event

The incident that I am writing about occurred when I was working in a group of five students put together by our tutor to discuss how efficient the Junction Hotel managers conducted their management operations and the challenges they faced concerning organisational communication and teamwork. Our group was made up of students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Being the group leader, I was expected to manage the group by ensuring that the plans about meeting time, the responsibilities of each group member and how to maintain team spirit was communicated in time and through an appropriate channel. On one occasion, I fell sick and left one of my colleagues in charge. However, failed to make everybody feel motivated and be part of the team. Additionally, he disagreed with the rest of the team and did not make an effort to bring everyone to work as a team and clear their tasks. As a result, our assignment was delayed, and the lecturer gave as dismal points on our performance. After getting better, I requested our supervisor to provide us with an opportunity to redo the assignment. We repeated the task, which was hectic as we went through the same things over again to get good marks on the work. We forgave the student for his failures.

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My feelings and thoughts about the incident

I felt disappointed by my colleague who I left in charge of our group as I expected him to act like a leader and show the ability to solve problems such as the disagreements and to bring the team together by motivating them to complete their tasks. However, he even did not show work integrity as he failed to fulfil his responsibilities as a group leader by promptly passing essential messages from the tutor to the group members in time. He also was unable to carry out his duty of assigning each group member with their tasks, which led to the slow operation of the group and delayed delivery of the assignments and eventual low performance of our group. The fact that we had to redo the assignment made me feel exhausted but I made an effort to complete it in time when we were given a second opportunity.


The incident with the Spanish guest opened my eyes to the importance of having a diverse team. A team with members from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities makes it easy to serve customers from different backgrounds and nationalities as well. I think that it is, therefore, useful to have employees working in a hotel who understand some popular or common

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