Nurturing Passion into Profession

A Reflective Essay

From a young age I have been gripped by the excitement of sport, and attending sports events became a passion for as long as I can remember. From football matches with my father at the age of 5 to golf, boxing, darts, and tennis tournaments. My interest in sports and sporting events has evolved from a pure fan perspective to a desire to learn about the industry and the business behind sport management. As a result, I decided to study an undergraduate degree in Sports Business & Law to give me the fundamental knowledge and skills to put me in a strong position to begin a successful career in the sports industry.


During my studies at the university, I have always been keen to attend any extra-curricular events when possible. As a student undertaking a degree in Sports Business & Law, one time I was tasked with taking our university volleyball team to a neighboring college for the one-week tournament. At my level, I have never played volleyball regardless of having excellent management skills. Moreover, I was not conversant with any rules in the volleyball field. I tried to resist the request, but the school management insisted that I was the only qualified student to take the team for the tournament. To make the matter serious, I was offered all the financial requirements for the team and it was obvious that no one else was going to manage the team. Having no prior experience in such a role, I almost froze. Ultimately, together with the team, we traveled to the tournament venue. On arrival, we received a warm welcome before a motivational speaker was given a chance to talk to the delegates. I realized that this was the unique opportunity I had to understand my role better. The speaker being a professional sportsperson provided me with a unique learning experience and insight into the industry. I learned that the management of a team was more than I assumed.

From this opportunity, I learned the basics of managing the various organizational and environmental contexts of sports. Additionally, from the speaker, I learned strategic analysis and strategic decisions making process which is very critical in my profession. Moreover, from the speaker’s speech, I learned the importance of being an enthusiastic, positive, self-motivated, and hardworking individual who strives to achieve the best especially in sports. From this experience, today I am a flexible person with the core skills required in today's sports management environment which makes me fit for my career. I also remember the speaker say that learning in sports in more critical compared to learning in the classroom. These words made me a versatile and proactive person possessing a positive attitude toward learning which makes me fit my future career.

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After the tournament, I was fully prepared to work with athletes and as well manage facilities using biology, kinesiology as well as accounting principles. Besides, I developed valuable coaching abilities and knowledge concerning health practices and nutrition in sports. This knowledge is very critical assisting a team brand itself, build its rosters, and nurture athletes and as well, promote school sports management programs which instill much-needed tools and techniques into its students.

Upon completion of my degree, I secured a fixed-term job at IMG as a legal contract assistant. This was an excellent opportunity to gain more experience in sports and apply the knowledge gained in real-life events. Though my role at IMG is mainly on the media side of the business I have been able to explore a range of IMG’s business practices from a legal perspective improved my skills which I gained during the time of the tournament and in studies. With a dream to work with the IMG financial and legal department, I believe my experience molded me.

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