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According to Rouse (2017), data visualization refers to any effort to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context. It is a general term that is used to describe the process of representing data in a visual context so as to enhance the understanding of individuals regarding the contents of the data. While Data visualization is seen and spoken of as a recent concept, Velarde (2018) points out that it has in fact been quite an important tool for visualizing and manipulation of data in many fields all across the globe for some time now. the development of technology and the continued enhancement of the old methods as well as the realization of new visualization techniques, data visualization has evolved to be highly sophisticated and necessary in the adequate and efficient comprehension of information in the current century, this, in almost all fields across socio-economic as well as political practices including business in presentation of reports, politics as well as in socialization and journalism (Berkley, 2019).


A wide range of software and tools exist for data visualization by individuals and organizations including Google charts, Data Driven documents, Tableau, fusion charts as well as data wrappers and many others (Tableau, 2019). While there are a wide range of ways or instances with which data visualization can be used especially given the broad scope with which they can be used, Cohen (2018) points out four distinct ways with which it can be effectively utilized to assist in data manipulation and interpretation. These include: to visually trace flows as in transportation systems, to show connections of interrelated data, to highlight change of statistics across time, for instance population growth over the years as well as for comparison purposes regarding related or different data. Effective use of data visualization could be impactful in data processing and information management and understanding in a wide number of ways including:

Importance of Data Visualization

According to Rouse (2017) data visualization tools are important in democratizing data and analytics and making insights that are factually driven available to all individuals in need of it throughout an organization. This has led to the rise of the highly efficient information age where individuals are capable of making informed decisions and develop data driven strategies that can be impactful in their businesses or ideas and thus a high rate of success in startups than previously recorded, This point out the main benefit of data visualization in the current age and how it breaks down and simplifies information for more understanding.

Another importance according to Bouchart (2018) is in the big data and advanced analytics projects where data visualization also plays a major role in enabling the processing and understanding of huge pools of information within a short time. With the data visualization software fitted with Artificial intelligence and machine learning, information processing and presentation can be carried out within a fairly short time and presented in a much simpler way to understand through graphs and charts that shows different patterns and correlations within the information. With this information more informed perspectives and interpretations of data can be communicated in various magazines and newspapers as well as television and other social media platforms.

Data visualization is also quite impactful in the research process of various organizations in especially involving case studies or occurrences and events that require predictions and follow ups (Tableau, 2019). Through the generation of visual representations of the data such as graphs and charts, the general trend and flow of information can be seen and thus used to predict future trends which are important in significant occurrences. Catastrophes and other natural occurrences can be stopped or at least planned for in advance. This is also quite beneficial in predicting harsh weather conditions such as hurricanes and planning for them before hand (Kumar, 2018).

Within the Journalism industry, data visualization is used to enable the identification of top trends so as to know what to report in peak hours for maximum reach. In addition to provision of information, journalism includes keeping people in the know regarding what’s trending and what’s beneficial. Using data visualization these trends can actually be predicted before they happen and enhance decision making.

Another key benefit of Data visualization is the fact that it enables companies as well as individuals to develop and produce customized information tailor made specifically for the audience they are trying to reach. Media outlets through data visualization can present to their readers different perspectives of an occurrence or feature story to compliment whatever statement they are trying to make in an effective and efficient manner. Kumar (2018) also adds that data can also be reproduced in different perspectives, for instance, demographics of a particular region can be presented from a wide range of perspectives including the male or the females in relation to a subject topic for emphasis and more understanding of information.

In whichever organization of field information helps in the improvement of all processes and thus eventual overall productivity and growth. Data visualization enables easier and faster interpretation of data which in turn enables effective and timely decision making processes that eventually impact the various processes within the organization leading to growth and productivity. For instance with first hand information before time regarding technological, scientific, social (and virtually any other topic) a journalist is likely to impact many occurrences and develop a reputation in the process (Kumar, 2018).

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Eventually data visualization not only enables the presentation of data and information in a way that is easily and quickly understood by the viewer or reader of the information through visual means, but it also impacts the effective breakdown of the information into small bits and plots as well as sub plots that can be easily manipulated by the human brain to ensure proper comprehension of complex ideas and information. Further the information is presented in a visual format which enhances better understanding due to the quality of the brain interpreting images much easier and better than text; this effectively enables effective and efficient information processing and understanding.


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