A Reflection on Annes Case

Reflective Study:

The reflection is going to explain the way Anne’s case condition can be different if full integration of health and social care is done had it happened then years from now. The current case study of Anne informs that she is suffering from psychosis and her room is inhabitable as it is flooded with water and broken. It also found that Anne has hindered financial condition and has become homeless. She is involved in taking alcohol and has stopped taking her medication which has deteriorated her mental health condition. She is denied to be provided with assistance from the home department and is arrested for substance abuse even if her mental illness is highlighted (GOV, 2019).

The review by COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) regarding AUDIT Scotland informs that they lack proper financial planning to ensure best outcomes are provided to people in health and social by enhancing ability of integrated authorities to work collaboratively. These financial constraints are leading integration to authorise to make effective change (audit-scotland.gov.uk, 2019). This informs that if Anne’s case had happened ten years from now she would still be unable to have proper financial help from the AUDIT Scotland regarding mental health services as the unplanned financial condition would make them unable to manage required finances for her healthcare to ensure better management.


The AUDIT Scotland informs that effective hospital services are still not been properly delegated to the integration authorities so that care can be offered to the patients close to their homes to ensure their well-being (audit-scotland.gov.uk, 2019). It indicates that even the case had occurred ten years from now Anne would have faced similar condition regarding her health. This is because care close to her home cannot be moved due to lack of proper delegation of hospital services among the integration authorities of health and social care. Thus, she would still be unable to have proper support near her home to ensure she takes her medications daily in turn leading her to face deteriorated health.

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