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The report is an analysis based on specific client group of Mental Health located in the Local Authority of London. The deeper analysis has been conducted on the services by the local government to improve the mental health conditions of the victims. It has been formulated that there are several types of mental diseases like depression, dementia, and perinatal problems and so on. In other words, the mental health of both men and women of almost all ages are in stake (England, 2020). The children mostly suffers from traumatic disorders whereas, the older people suffer dementia. Assuming the role of a Service manager working at NHS, it has tried to throw deeper light on the core valuable activities and medical health services that has been delivered so far for this selected group. Moreover, it also works opportunities of funding within 1 million pound budget so as to avail better care services and access. Further, a questionnaire analysis on the quantitative data type has been presented that shows the response from various victims of mental health issues. Apart from that the statistical graph that displays the communal services in various sectors of the provinces have been created to recognize the actual condition of the clinics in UK (Maruthappu, 2016). The samples of these statements stimulated the engagements which could be replaced on the either sides in order to incorporate for achieving the adopted policies by the existing ones.


. Strategic relevance of the ‘NHS Five Year Forward View’

The NHS Five Year Forward View provides the report to mark the regions that have begun the journey to view and interrogate better access to the caring units for practices in the local areas. It included the margins for constructing the infrastructure that was required for the adaptability with the evaluating environment and its people (England, 2020). The consumers who purchase the services started the aptitude for getting benefit from the pristine offers that had enhanced the service qualities.

However, the feedback on the lengthy scheme has traversed a long way. The expansion on the terms of changing the conditions of the services, the requirement to fulfill the demands of the entire community, was indeed a great factor. After that, the result formulates on the efforts of the workers who completed it with the statement of getting the momentum cleared before the task was initiated in both the national and local areas.

NHS Mental Health Implementation

The strategic characteristics can be recognized as the factors that states:

  • Numerous people would get the benefits from mental health care services for treatment purposes.
  • The standard of the investment policies are required to be strategically maintained in order to fulfill the demands across the entire nation.
  • The initial statement on the levels of treatments has thus been implicated on the aims which were demanded in the past years (England, 2020).
  • Numerous people would get the benefits from mental health care services for treatment purposes.
  • Installation of the new panels for launching the provisions of the uneven opacity in the operations which contradicted the indicators (England, 2020).
  • The initial inclusive workforces on the strategic development had been produced by relying on the key terms.

The plans relevantly described the main ingredients for the huge infrastructure that proposed various terminologies for improving the strength and prosperity.

Investment on policies and propositions by Government

The investment policies are denoted in the report so as to determine the greater aim at the standards of mental health which was postulated for the whole of England. The minimum subset on the CCG had not been planned for any further expectations (Ham, 2017). The NHS was promoted for moving on with their allocations in the strategies of local regions. It added to the provisions that were desired to be freely investigated for the supply of the possible results. The NHS viewed to the regional teams that shut down its STP marketing policies in order to couple with the required changes for delivery (England, 2020). The efforts had undergone the improvement of mental health and provide support that crossed the groups in the local areas. It stemmed from the successful ways of providing superior services in the nation.

Mental Health for Young and Adult People

It is expected that more numbers of children, adolescents, and adults would be treated in the teams which are commissioned by the NHS previously. The workers are trained to provide superior services and improving their skills as evidence to check the treatments. The new workers have to start the training courses as per the conditions mentioned (England, 2020). The projects defined the advancement of the infrastructure to retain the goal of the therapies that would stimulate the external health benefits (Humphrey and Cleaver, 2018). The projects are needed to be implemented in a proper manner and must be executed for the best results. Mental Health at Perinatal Stage The perinatal stage is indeed an acute phase of welcoming mental disorders among various women around the globe (England, 2020). There are several cases where they do not receive proper support or get used to the circumstances around them. On the other side, this can bring huge troubles for both the individual and her family members as a whole (England, 2020). These people are needed to get better access to support and welfare in the society. The expanded terminologies should be able to enhance the goals of changing the funding systems. The units for mothers and babies need to have provided with highly commissioned services at the time of maximum requirement. The

Prevention of Suicides

Another most vital strategy that had been adopted by the NHS Five Year Forward View was the plans for preventing suicides. In fact, suicidal tendency is nothing but a profuse mental illness caused mainly by depression (England, 2020). The National Suicide Prevention Strategy was thus renewed in order to aim at the groups that are under immense risk factors. The executed actions provided the enthusiasm to the whole country to drive towards the motto of having decreased numbers of suicides (Maruthappu, 2016). The prevention strategies were superimposed by the local governments for standing and abide by the guidelines that were concerned with public health.

Justifications of the Mental Health at Judiciary

NHS brought out the initial strategy that focused on the development of physical and mental health of the criminal minded people in the judiciary system. The diversified structure of implementing services at the custodian areas has been stretched at a wider ranger that represented the court systems of the country as well (England, 2020). The associated service has immensely collaborated with various other strategies of the system in the last few months. The decisions of the strategy directed the new pathways for the movement of the policies that had progressed so far. The evolution of the suites in the courts was required to be brought on special trails that would indicate the depletion of injustice. It covered almost the entire plan and thus helped a lot for the development.

Digitalized Methods

The digitalized procedures of implementing the strategies for mental health brought the summed up commissions in the previous years. In fact, the strategy has put forward an inclination towards the services of mental health (England, 2020). In other words, this procedure set the equitable margin in the services of mental health which was supposed to get the investments standardized by the exchange methods in the computers (Maruthappu, 2016). The organizations, on the other hand, need to rectify the tests and start digitalization systems for the therapies.

Summary on annual service review to the local authority

Summary on annual service review to the local authority

The estimations done by the various departments concerned with mental health hazards proposed that the issues regarding this context are found in approximately 40% of the old aged people and 50% adults. This is just a numeric derivation of the patients in the common hospitals. The residents are cared for in their respective homes. The average derivation is about 60% ( 2020). A quarter of the admitted patients in hospitals are more than the age of 60 to 65. Dementia is a common problem among them. In about the succeeding decade, the number of older people would be increased by 15% to 27%. The issues of mental health were specifically mentioned as the psychological diseases like dementia or depression (Broglia et al., 2018). The outcomes displayed a long phase of recovery from the illnesses. The focus of the scheduled schemes provided the usage of the feedbacks in order to aid the NHS in supporting the labor. It was conducted by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI). It brought out the reports that marked the regions for improving the endorsement. It followed the steps for providing the details of considering the strategy for surveying the improvement in the expertise community (Bruce and Hackett, 2020). The endorsed review in order to put on the advancing theories has set out the all total outcomes for gearing the factors up. The results sort out the utilization of the details for contemplating the strategies for observing and improving the adulthood in the communal services. The services had, in fact, cast the shadow on the present policies of appearing as a new distinctive approach. The clinical care incorporated several accounts for quality demanded and commissioned at the ways for improvising a new level for the bonds that were significantly ascertained with legal formalities. It was hoped to provide the belief for innovating objectives that would indicate at utmost service users (Stevenson, 2017). As per the originality of the reports, it was enabled that the higher availability of getting better services brought several reports of not getting enough support from the local government bodies at convenient times. The increased accessibility at the therapies had brought the requirements at a similar line for guiding the exhortation.

Critical discussion on qualitative, quantitative and secondary data types

The research strategies on mental health services can be divided into two main categories. The important sections can be vitally stated as the qualitative and quantitative research methods. The qualitative research procedure approached the analysis of numerical data (Kantor et al. 2017). On the other hand, the information on the topic-based researches brought the first phase of data containing the non-numeric values. The qualitative research has brought the required results after examining the exhibited ones more vividly (Arora and Khoo, 2020).

Apart from that, the qualitative approach can view the results which are mostly dependable in nature. Such outputs have been figured out from the typical research processes and thus produce the accurate values. On the other side, the details of the services can be critically evaluated from the fixed checks on the methods of questionnaire (McIntosh et al. 2016). Apart from that, the quantitative research procedures focus on the data which is gathered from the computations on the specific topics minutely. The statistical data under the surveillance of quantitative processes concentrate on the ways to portray as per the linguistic behaviors.

Critical discussion on qualitative, quantitative and secondary data types

According to Reardon et al. (2017), the qualitative and the combined methodologies enact a significant character in the services of mental health research. The levels of the utilities are not equally perceptible. The rationale behaviors on the practical approaches have qualitatively formulated the methods of implementing the mental health services which would come along with a series of representations from the clinics. The complete description which enhanced the depth of the realizations for complementing the wide range of realization calculated from the quantitative methodology.

It was stated by Gronholm et al. (2017), that the perspective of the chosen subjects helped to discover the problems which were not synchronized for the ideal postulation of theories. This can help in the evaluation of the procedures to contemplate the thesis in a parallel view. Other procedures mostly adhere to the individual principles that can differ from the specific designs in terms of data collection and analytical strategies (Bleyel et al. 2020). The general procedures for the collection of data for the specific individuals can structure the interviews and thus concentrate mainly on the groups that review the documents and thus observe the contributors.

Eyllon et al. (2020) opined that there must be a traditional method to qualify the outcomes of scrutiny on the mental health services. The institutions are obliged to serve the notable representations on the health issues. Differences have been displayed with the help of studying and quantitative survey through questionnaire design pattern:


The quantitative data analysis is sorted out by a questionnaire method from 50 patients of mental illness. The questionnaire is presented below:

Q1. What is your gender?


There are 35 males and 15 females who responded. So, the percentage of male and female are 70 and 30 respectively.

At the time of analyzing, the values can be evaluated to two assumptions. At first, the number of male patients is more than that of the females. Then the female respondents were seen to have not much interest in responding to the survey questions. Ultimately it was found that only 30% female responded whereas, rest of the males was 70%.

Q2. Which age group do you belong to?

Q2. Which age group do you belong to?

There are 15 responses from the 5 to 20 age group and 10 responses from the 21 to 35 age group. On the other hand, the 36 to 50 age group provided 10 responses. The 51+ people gave 15 responses.

It can be understood from the above report that mostly the children and aged people suffer from the mental illnesses. On the other side the middle aged people are a bit less affected from the disease. The question is a demographic one.

Q3. Do you have any other health problem other than the mental illness?

Q3. Do you have any other health problem other than the mental illness?

The positive responses were 30 and negative responses 20. Thus it amounted to the percentages 60 and 40 for positive and negative respectively.

The above report thus evaluates that 60% patients suffer from several other diseases whereas only 40% does not. This indicates that the health condition of the patients deteriorates both mentally and physically.

How long are you suffering from the mental illness?

How long are you suffering from the mental illness?

It is found that there are 20 responses from people who are suffering for more than 10 years at a constant. A bit less, 15 responses are received from the victims at 5 to 10 years group. After that, 10 responses are grouped in the 1 to 5 years option. At last, only 5 responses reached for the less than 1 year group.


It can be analyzed from here, that there are very few people who started suffering in the recent times. Most of the people are victimized for many years. On the other hand, this can thus deduce the fact that there are several persons who are suffering from the disease and could not be cured to normal life.

What can be your feedback on the quality of services?

What can be your feedback on the quality of services?

The quality of services has been rated excellent by 50% of the respondents. 20% gave the ratings on good quality. Besides, only 16% and 14% of people responded it to be of average and of poor quality respectively.

It can be easily analyzed that the quality of the services is quite beneficial for most of the victims. On the other hand, few of the responses were against the quality. In other words, the people who have experienced good recovery rated it in higher standard.

Q6. How much progress do you feel?

Q6. How much progress do you feel?

The progress report has 56% response for the most standard one, 32% for well standard and only 8% and 4% for the fair and no progress status. By examining this, the health progress of the patients can be analyzed. In fact, the progress is felt by most of the patients. However, some people did not give any positive response in this regard. The mixed condition of diagnosis can be thus evaluated from the above result.

Discussion on the statistics found

The observations and scrutinizing reports established the provisional ways that could be tested by the integration procedures. In other words, the derivation of the themes could emerge as the first codes that previewed the backgrounds and highlighted the emergence at the time of transcriptions of the previous designs. The measures on the reports caused the information to get adhered to the cares of health provisions. It was stated by Spencer-Tansley et al. (2019) that the chemical drugs were tested to be more specific for focusing on the assessments that combined the issues of mental disturbances at workplaces. At some offices and companies, the importance of safety and security regarding the drug testing was needed by the legal procedures.

Service needs of the client group

Service needs of the client group

Thus, the consideration of this particular survey and findings by the teams measured the position values for the applicants. The numerical values being associated with the testing chose the methods for conducting the accesses.

Task 3: Three year Budget to Support the Service Plan within 1 million pound

Considering the above method of survey, it is relevant here to further move on with a three year budget to support the idea of generating mental health services to the groups. The motive behind is To bring out better execution of managing the selected group survive well To make the sector run in a systematic way in a planned process. Many assumptions need to be made like the expenditure in the different departments of the health sectors. The patient serving department, the GP practice department, clinical activities needs to be controlled under this budgetary support plan as well (McIntosh et al. 2016). Everything needs to fit within the budget of 1 £.

Making Assumptions

It can be assumed that if there is an investment on the area of communication enhancement, the selected group needs to be involved in a campaign-oriented activity that might reduce some cost here ( 2020). It is only due to the event would be taken in a local places.

On the other hand, if there is an assumption on insurance amount, a huge lump sum return can be expected that could be utilized for the group services.

Apart from that it need to be assumed that there has to be technological investments to serve the needs and requirements of the patients, clinical and non clinical staff are to be taken care of.

Finally, which is always considered under great concern about resource utilization that is required to be made and so the budget for the whole financial year would be met

Short-term and Long-term Discussions about Financial activities

Managing financial activities is the salient way to keep an organization guarantee that the funds and capital are used in the best feasible way. According to a study, it has been influenced by Anderson et al. (2020), that an assortment of activities to fulfill the needs of monetary concerns is mainly drawn with short-term financial goals. It determines and focuses on acquiring and paying out of funds, pecuniary arrangements, detailing and probability administration. In accordance with the service plan and the mission, there has to be some segmented financial activities to be conducted for the benefits of processing and undergoing the overall plan run effectively. The money invested for the short term brings the return very fast ( 2020).For example, invested for the medicines, services offered to the patients, paying off for the services that are given by the clinical and non clinical staff, availability of medicines and so on. Emergency medication and availability of the vehicles can be other short-term concerns that need to be checked

Long term:

For long term disbursement of funds in healthcare sectors, it is the processing of the diverse undertakings that would bring fruitful results in mere future. Based on this long-term assumption, caregivers and other voluntary staffs need to be trained well so that the service quality can increase ( 2020). In this context, junior doctors, investments in the operational machines required that might pacify the quality monitoring and observation processes of the mental group. Besides, children, adolescents and mentally sick persons would be in dire need of medical emergency and service needs.

Spending Plans

For disbursement of the funds, it needs to be kept confidential about spending options available with that the services that has to be provided by in-house staff and workers are to be focused (Anderson et al.2020). The spending of the funds on tax, staff payments, machineries, emergency vehicles, mortgage, training of the subordinates like the in house staffs, the damage compensation that is a sudden and unexpected cost.

Spending Plans

Project delivery process has been considered, as suitable scheme, fulfilling the aim to satisfy the needs and demands of the customers in any sector of a service plan (Reeve et al. 2016). In this respect, for the mental group, the age old and young patients can be provided with accountability of an available resource, amenities and services, that the project processes are fresh and prevalent. To keep the records of the operation and maintenance of the health sectors, the process of delivery needs to acquire first all the requirements, planning and then building components and so it would be delivered on time.

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Segregation of £ 1M into three equal parts per year

Segregation of £ 1M into three equal parts per year


The whole study revolves around the parameters that health sectors take to run the business and elevate it to a successful height as the medical business is on an excruciating rise around the world. Investing in the proper knowledge and handling of the medical apparatus proves to be a great idea as it will in turn help in the research and development of the sector to bear fruitful results in the future. However, the particular sector requisites a lot of information and scientific knowledge, as compared to other sectors as it is significantly gigantic which tolls around many facts and facets. Despite few risks and responsibilities of owning a business which encircle around health and life of patients, proper enrolment of physicians, proper treatment, medical insurances which do not covers up the custodial care services, elevated liabilities and having learned hired hands along there is a huge advantage of an owned business as it gives privilege to limit the capital and effort both. The study also brings into limelight the qualitative and quantitative aspects of a healthcare business which is elaborated statistically and also the strategic characteristics.


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