Communication skills for health and social care management


Internal and external communication play a significant role in the health and social care organisations, where communication is effective for sharing skill andknowledgewith each other and develop effective tactics to deliver high quality treatment and care to the patients after proper diagnosis (Jiang, Luoand Kulemeka, 2016). The health and social care service depends on team working and collaboration of all the members including nurses, staff, clinical experts, doctors, physicians and general staff and other employees are cooperating for better performance as a team. The aim of the study is to analyse the communication system and its impacts on the healthand social car organisations.

Process of communication in the health and social care context


Explaining the process of communication within the health and social care organisations

Communication transcript:

Service user: I have headache since yesterday evening

Doctor: Have you taken any medicine so far?

Service user: Saridon, but the headache hasn’t disappeared.

Doctor: You also look depressed, and I must say you are suffering from anxiety and depression as well as fatigue.

Service user: I am also suffering from sleep disorder and it is very much disturbing for me to lead my daily life.

Doctor: Yes, sleep disorder is dangerous and it deteriorates the smooth pace of life. So, what is the reason behind your depression?

Service user: Actually I am alone at home, and I am not married yet. I have lost my parents.

Doctor: Okay, that is why, you feel depressed.

Service user: Yes, I am also not satisfied with my career which is also depressing for me and it further raise my anxiety level.

Doctor: Okay, I prefer you to admit in our care home, where you need proper supervision and assistance for improving your health and mental condition.

Service user: Okay, Thank you doctor for your support.

The process of communication in the health and social care system is mandatory for all the staff members to collaborate with each other and maximise the team objective. Hereby, the health care professionals of the health and social care organisations try to support the service users and motivate them for more communication (Blomgren, Hedmoand Waks, 2016). Communication with the service users is one of the necessary requirements, where the staff members try to interact with the patients in order to acknowledge their actual needs and preferences so that the professionals can understand their requirements and health needs and provide proper treatments to all the patients. In addition to these, communication with the service providers, colleagues and senior doctors and physicians are also necessary to share experience and knowledge for serving better care and treatment to the patients after proper communication with the patients.

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Assessing appropriate use of different methods of communication for different purpose

There are different ways of communication in the health and social care context, such as facial expression, gestures, using hands, writing, and drawing, using equipments like computers and messages and eye contact. The entire communication mode is necessary in different purpose at the health and social care (Smith, 2017). Eye contact, gesture and using hands are useful to communicate among the health care professionals, where they try to maintain silence at the hospitals or the nursing homes as well as provide secured treatment to the patients. In this particular conversation, the verbal communication is effective where the service provider tries to interact with the patient positively and share the symptoms of the patient that he or she is suffering from. The verbal communication is also beneficial in this context to interact with the patient and provide them better care and service in future. In this regard, there is no such communication through email and text messages as well as telephonic conversation which are also playing crucial role in the hospitals and nursing homes, where easy communication can be possible among the service users and also the service providers (Niet al., 2017). Apart from that, there are Information and telecommunication system and organisational portals, through which the users and health care providers can communicate with each other for gaining more advice and bets possible treatment in near future.

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