Compassionate Care in the Community

Summative Assignment:

The chosen client from the scenario is Edna. The chosen nurse going to offer care to Edna would be a community nurse and professional value to be discussed is compassion. The community nurses are chosen for Edna because they have role to offer advice and execute necessary care such as continence care, wound management and others on regular basis for people living at homes and within communities. However, the practice nurse is not chosen as they have the key role to offer services in the registered hospitals (Zwar et al. 2016). Since Edna mainly lives alone at home and required services at home, thus community nurse is chosen for her care.


The compassion is referred to sympathetic care along with showing concern towards the suffering and pain faced by the patients due to illness (Adamson and Dewar, 2015). In case of Edna, it is seen that she has currently developed inflamed leg ulcer on left leg which has made her to experience restricted movement as well as become dependent for care on family and friends. This has led her to miss independence which she previously had and is making her depressed as the condition has rendered to face social isolation as well as develop dependency of care. The compassionate care is required at this moment by Edna so that she feels peace of mind in accepting the care. However, the lack of compassion in care by the nurses leads the patients to think that their pain is not understood by the service providers and they are becoming care burden for them (Jones et al. 2016). It informs that compassion is required to be shown by community nurse while caring Edna so that she can make her understand that the nurse perceives her pain. This would make Edna develop tolerance in accessing care from nurses without feeling sad that she is becoming care burden.

The compassionate care is also required for patients as it helps the nurses to maintain the privacy and dignity of the patient (Blomberg et al. 2016). This is because in compassionate care the nurses often try to act politely and manage care as per the perspective as well as opinion of the patient. It makes the patients feel valued in turn making them feel dignified as their opinions are considered. The compassionate care for Edna is to be provided by the community nurse by engaging her in making decision regarding her care. The nurse also requires developing effective conversation with Edna to make her understand that she understands the pain and suffering faced by the patient related to leg ulcer. In order to provide compassionate care, the nurses require manipulating care environment so that the service user feels more comfortable (Zamanzadeh et al. 2018).

The above discussion informs that Edna who has leg ulcer is to be provided care by a community nurse by using compassion as the professional value because it helps to offer peace of mind to the patents as well as protects their dignity and privacy.

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The assignment criterion 2 is to be abided at first by discussing the health condition of Edna and the impact her health condition would create on the nurse in delivering proper care and communication to Edna. Since Edna is a religious person, the way her religious thoughts would impact communication is to be discussed. In the second phase, the barriers in communication to be faced while communicating with Edna by the nurse would be explained. Later, based on the identified barriers the therapeutic communication, as well as principles of communication to be used by the nurse for Edna, is to be discussed. In the third section, the psychosocial and socioeconomic problems experienced by Edna due to her health condition are to be discussed. The factors which are able to affect the psychosocial health of Edna are also to be identified and explained in details. In the fourth section, care services to be offered to Edna based on her identified care and communication needs is to be discussed. In this regard, the types of healthcare organisations and multi-disciplinary teams to be engaged are to be discussed for Edna’s care. Lastly, a brief summary of the discussion made for Edna case is to be presented.

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