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The adult generation now are dealing with different types of health issues and mental disorders due to very irregular and imbalance lifestyle. So it is essential that their attention towards a goof mental and physical health must be maintained to have a balanced life. Whenever you will consult any medical health related professionals and trainers, everyone will always suggest you to have atleast 1 hour 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes of exercise that too in a week for adults. This daily routine can be done either with moderate intensity exercises like walking, hiking or riding bike or it can also be in the form of more vigorous activities like running, swimming fast, aerobics or skipping with a rope. There are lots of reasons why physical activities are said to be good for the human body for having a healthy body and sound mind having continuous improvements:


Doing exercises releases chemicals like dopamine and endorphins in brain developing the feeling of happiness, boosting mood and reducing stress.


With exercises and being physically and mentally active gives energy, creativity and brain function.

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When setting up the daily routine, adding little bit of exercises and physical activities are important to promote good mental health conditions. Physical activities always showed positive impacts upon a person’s mental wellbeing with some positive tips and guidance to get started. Although, adding daily exercises are something which we should perform with willingly for qualitative personal values and benefits of being fit. Among wide range of exercises, yoga, aerobics, zumba and other activities, finding the perfect activity is for each individual is quite strenuous and this is the situation where comes the role of physical training professionals particularly when motivating us is their cup of tea. The thought which is published by The Hindu in one of their articles by D. Balasubramanian "It is exercise alone that supports the spirits and keeps the mind in vigour" but apart from this, mental stress relieving is also essential through exercises. And this possibility will continuously remain available for all of us since we all have different body forms.


The national and local government authorities also agreed that being fully fit is a sign of positive physical, social and mental attitude of each individual. Every physical activity has its own intensive and huge potential which enhances and our overall wellbeing including both internal and external health. Even a much shorter round or burst of 10 to 15 minutes of brisk walking also results in increase of the mental alertness, boosts energy and gives happy, motivated and positive mood to a person. Taking daily participation in physical activities improves the self-esteem and facilitates reduction of stress and anxiety in an individual. It is evident that mental wellbeing does not only mean being happy and smile all the time. In this relevance, it too does not mean we won’t experience any negative or painful emotions including grief, loss, or failure, which are also parts of normal mental life. These hormones are reasons why adrenaline and noradrenaline body chemicals raises the blood pressure, normal heart rate and perspiration level.


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It will be quite relatable if I say, currently most of the people keep their focus on mental wellbeing lesser than physical wellbeing that too due to pressure of career, personal issues, work life, societal status and more. This plays a crucial role in prevention and development of the mental health issues and improves the quality of living of people experiencing removal of mental health problems. Physical and mental activities have great potential in enhancing wellbeing of the society.


In this regard, I found visible physical signs of stress are uneven and disturbed sleeping problems, heavy and unnatural sweating, loss of appetite or not having proper hunger etc. are some of these issues which are seen highly in population. Both the happy things and sad things are part of our emotional reactions which we show. However, irrespective of our regular life issues, being properly physically active is found to be helpful for all in leading a mentally healthier life and this also improves the wellbeing. These symptoms are triggered due to accelerated stress hormones in human body known by ‘fight or flight’ responses. We definitely must include all types of activities for relaxing both physical and mental stress, may be it can intense, light or rigorous. Whatever we choose as out physical activity, that must benefit our overall body charging us fully. Among all other features that physical activities have, one most valuable one says there is an enormous range from which we can choose activities that suits us best.


Health practitioners say that being physically fir can’t be done only by doing sport or going to the gym regularly, focusing on making a good physic which people think. But this is not true because in past few months, records say many fit people also lost their life due to heart failure. So instead of building good physic, there are different ways to be active daily. When I was researching regarding exercises, I found that any physical activity which raises the heart rate, makes the breathing faster and makes a person feel warmer can be counted as exercises. I feel very informative while writing this because there were so many things which I too was not aware. All those things I got to know while researching about mental and physical fitness information thoroughly. So I can say evidently that mental health is linked with physical health which must be taken care of with combined daily routine of physical exercises and mental exercises. While doing research regarding what exercises are good for both mental and physical health and how they can be implemented accurately in our daily life, I understood that from a wide range of exercises the most efficient activity for both physical and mental balance, yogasanas will be best. Yogasanas or in simple word, yoga consists of various postures which oxygenates both mind and body and helps in keeping calm mental state & sound body. So when focusing on a good and active healthy life, yogas are the best choice & I too suggest implementing that in daily life.

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