Programming And Mindful Parenting

Healthy Child Program

This section of this paper seeks to discuss healthy child programmed. Early health is not just important but is the most important. According Billingham (2010), Child simply needs one more layer of apparel than his guardian solace level, much else besides that would make them excessively hot. On the other hand, it will depend how huge the child is. Research by Hill (2008), the parent must be careful how he/she handles the child, whether is taking infant out.

The task of parenting is one of the most challenging, stressful, demanding, and rewarding jobs on the planet. Research by Diaz and Luzi (2015), States that there is no instruction manual on how to parent and all of the popular guidebooks mostly deal with specific behavioral challenges that children present to adults. Parenting is a subjective activity that is influenced by so many internal and external factors that often individual does not have the time or extra energy to consciously examine how they respond to children. According to Cocheo (2011), The day after day parent’s relationship with their children can grow the stronger relationship, where individuals merely react to external circumstances that are out of control. People have to come back to what they can control and that is their own mindstream. They need to understand how to be themselves with clarity and intention before they tackle all of the doing of parenting.


Research by Sullivan (2015), State that being with children is a profound transformative experience, it always presents them with the question; what do they want to bring to this situation for themselves and for the child? Mindful parenting allows a parent to question their habits and habitual unawareness. It can allow parents to realize that whenever they believe that something besides our perception of an event or a person is angering them. According De Oliviera (2009), People may believe that the event or person has made an individual angry, happy, sad, or guilty. Individual’s task is to reclaim power and responsibility for his/her own feelings and then model that skill or behavior to their children. So much of behaviorism only deals with external signs of behavior and how to change them into acceptable behaviors that fit into adult/parent expectations. Research by Hill (2008) states that if the goal of parenthood was to produce servile children; then this would be an acceptable parenting technique. Yet the primary task of parenting is to raise healthy, happy, independent, confident human beings who are capable of making responsible choices in an often chaotic and complex cultural setting.

The individual is sorely overdue to fundamentally examine and change their reactive and reflexive habits when it comes to parenting. According to De Oliviera (2009), Children simply need to be encouraged after every few hours. This starts and rotates from diaper change, sustain and playing having thoughts each and every hours. With time each of these cycles would get lengthier, which means there would more time between the feedings and children can be awake for more hours. According to Etow (2012), In the early weeks of a newborn, the guardian should cuddle and nurse. Children need a healthy balanced diet containing plenty of fruit, vegetables, and starchy foods. Besides, parents should encourage your child to choose a variety of foods to get a wide range of nutrients they need to stay healthy. Milk, cheese, yogurt, soya beans, and nuts are rich in calcium, which is needed for healthy bones and teeth. Fortified breakfast cereals, margarine, and oily fish these foods are good sources of dietary vitamins D, which helps to keep bone healthy. Meat, fish, pulses, green vegetables, and fortified breakfast cereals- which is rich sources of iron.

At least two portions of fish a week. Can give a baby boy up to four portions of oily fish a week, but for a girl should not be more than two portions. According to Etow (2012), parents should avoid giving children shark, swordfish and marlin because they contain a high level of mercury which may affect a child's developing nervous system. Child nutrition needs to vary during his/her development year. It will be of great importance if they eat a balanced diet as recommended by the doctors. A time guardians should supplement their kids with rich diet, this aims to prevent them from falling a sick. These immunity supplements do contribute to more value nutrition for any child’s health. Guardian must always put the requirements of the child before everything else except your personal health.

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Fair Society and Happy Lives

Children learn by seeing and imitating. According to De Oliviera (2009), if the guardian demonstrates bad behavior they learn bad behavior. IF the guardian demonstrates fear they learn to fear. But if he/she demonstrates independence, rational thinking, love, solidarity in the family and compassion as they will be raising an outstanding person! It cannot be overstressed that he/she must be involved in their child’s life. Guardians are their entire world for the first two or three years of life. When they start school the guardian can’t relax. They will have hundreds of questions about other people, what they need to learn and how other adults act. The guardian has to be present with them and listen to them.

Also, the guardian should repeat their concerns in their own words to be sure and understand what is troubling them. The guardian should never ignore your child’s questions even if they seem foolish. According to Sullivan (2015), if there is something going on at school that requires guardian personal attention. Some curriculum help children develop in multifaceted ways. Some preschools have the best faculty in place with trained stuff that ensures children growth and development is not holistic. Mill (2008), argued that curriculum in these preschool motivates children to learn how to be proactive and empathetic at that tender age. Human often forget in the day to day survival of going to work and keeping the house that all that has only one purpose of raising a child to productive, compassionate adulthood! Nothing is of great importance as a child. Individual live where they must for their children they work at what they can to support them. Everything in your life is secondary to that child. And it does take a whole village to raise one child.

Research by Diaz and Luzi (2015) states that every adult with whom their children comes in contact is teaching that child something. Guardian should be conscious of what his/her child is learning from everyone they interact with. Parents should be the guardian of that child’s life. IF there are adults in that child’s life that are teaching them behaviors or patterns to which you object to removing the adult from the kid’s life. Do not let them see that person any longer. If it is someone at the child’s school or religious facility talks to the administration about removing that person. The most important is love. Studies have been made in Middle Eastern and former Communist block orphanages of the mortality and mental deficiency of children who are never held or loved. Without contact with other humans, without love children do not thrive. The most important thing anyone can give a child is love and contact.

According to Etow (2012), individual with greater socioeconomic roles in the community usually has higher life chances with plenty of chances of leading a flourishing life. They do have good health. Social inequality is the differences in social status among people in a given group. Groups may be a country, a state, a city, a school, and gathering. The causes are due primarily to differences in human behavior. Research by Rippeyoung and Noonan (2012), social status usually climbs with financial success, intellectual success, intelligence, desire for higher social status, a superior ability that is highly respected, etc. Regardless of the cause, there always has been social inequality. There always will be, it exists even in communist and socialist countries. Social status exists because of how humans react to other humans. Equality is not a system that is developed by nature. Nothing is equal between each other. It is not known, why such questions have become a routine affair. A father is not equivalent to his son, or mother is equivalent to her daughter. Father is not equivalent to mother, brother is not equivalent to sister. Is one family is equivalent to another? What equality we are referring too. Is the height and weight is equivalent to one another, is intelligent is equivalent to one another. Is knowledge is equivalent to one another?

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Eat Better Start Better

What about other aspects like education, discipline, hard work, productivity, and income? How do people think, that everything should be equivalent to one another? Not only among mankind, but including all creations, like plants, animals, birds etc., there no question of equality. In a democracy, people can only aspire for comfort and convenience, within the available system. According to Etow (2012), no power position is equal to one another. Let us not aspire for something which is non-existent. Life should move on with what is available to every individual. That is the dictum of nature, mankind cannot change it. Let’s use the cation as an example: everyone knows you need the education to get a good job. But if an individual does not live in a country where education which is completely free, the effects of wealth inequality starts to make them apparent.

The parents of poor children have to either save up a lot of money or go into debt in order to get an education while many poor people are simply unable to get an education in the first place having to settle for simple menial jobs. While the rich, or at least middle class can easily afford education and get access to higher paying jobs. According to Mckeever (2017), his applies to every other sphere of life where the rich have an advantage that allows them to make themselves richer while the poor do not. Wealth inequality is self-reinforcing which is why there is so much economic inequality in the world today because very little is actually being done to stop it. Unless there is some kind of wealth redistribution or intervention to level the playing field this economic equality will only continue growing.

According to Diaz and Luri (2015), a child is supposed to eat at least three times in four hours. Any guardian should plan for these since it will make the child less cranky because he/she will not be famished. This process can be introduced by any guardian slowly. A balanced diet is necessary for breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding increases the baby’s growth. It helps to develop a good immune system. All essentials for babies are present in breast milk. It develops a good brain. For moms breastfeeding decreases the chance of breast cancer. Research by Rippeyoung and Noonan (2012), breastfeeding helps to make a gap for the next baby. It is important not just for the baby but for the mother too. The baby gets all his nutrients from his mother’s milk which helps them to fight various diseases. For the mother, it helps in getting back to pre-pregnancy weight and also lowers the risk of breast cancer.

Research by Rippeyoung and Noonan (2012), breast milk is best for any child and the advantages of breastfeeding extend well beyond the basic nutrition. Notwithstanding containing each of the vitamins and supplements your infant needs in the initial six months of life, breast milk contains all essentials substances that shield your infant from infections and illness. Breastfeeding gives medical advantages to moms beyond emotional satisfaction. Mothers who breastfeed more rapidly and easily recover from the childbirth. According to Diaz and Luri (2015), also reduce the risk of developing various health issues like high blood pressure, different types of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A diet plan has become a must in today’s fast-moving world. It’s a time to be more health conscious and we often find it necessary to have some type of diet chart to follow to keep our eating habits and health under check.

A daily diet chart can be planned under the guidance of a nutritionist or a physician, depending on individual’s need. According to Mills (2009), having a diet plan in place has an added benefit for both mother and child, it makes grocery shopping easier and an individual does not have to worry about planning for the next meal. As soon as the child is old enough which is younger than the parent thinks, it's time for him/her to learn how to eat. Research by Dunsford (2008), parents do this by letting the child choose how much to have of anyone foodstuff. This way, if he/she takes three whopping spoonsful of mashed the potatoes and gravy on everything, then it is his or her responsibility to finish it. It will only take one time and the child will develop a much more precise strategy about taking- and eating his or her food. When the child gives up and cannot finish, the child loses something small, perhaps a dessert or the next day's snack. It is important a child learn not to waste food, but it is also important to not eat 'till bursting just because a parent can.

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A clean plate is not necessary, but if the child is leaving food all the time, perhaps portion sizes need to be adjusted and either between meal snacks limited or try the six small meals daily, instead. According to Rippeyoung and Noonan (2012), parents should always lead by example during meal time. They are supposed to eat their served food in order for children to do the same. It will be better if parent enjoying eating the meal, instead of focusing on them not eating, they will often begin to start eating, especially if parent rewards them with positive feedback to reinforce the good behavior once they do. Research by Goldborough (2017), if this does not work, the parent should assure them there will be no another food when will be they are hungry, then they can choose to eat it. If they are not hungry, then they do not have to eat it, but they are not going to get other food until they eat it.

Parent have to be firm, because if they can get away with just striking and getting other foods, then their bad habits are being reinforced. If they have a good reason for not eating, maybe they are not feeling well? Then they can talk to their guardian and let them know, but otherwise, they are expected to eat the food being served. According to Goldsbough (2017), most kids will last one meal before deciding it is better to eat and enjoy the food instead of complaining about it. The best way parent should serve them a balanced plate but they are not forced to finish everything. Instead, small portions that they can repeat as many times as they want until satisfied and make it clear that if they are hungry later there will not be snacks, and if they are hungry later, stick to it and do not give them snacks.

Having dental care is quite a natural desire of numerous people. It is very evident that children in these days face the problem for their teeth in quite an astounding way. According to et al Manski (2014), this situation brings the requirement of having the assistance of some proficient dentist, who has some adequate knowledge about how to provide their proficient dentistry so that the children can get out of the problems of their teeth. For having any more detailed information, individual may take the assistance of some proficient experts. A dental checkup is so important, a child's tooth is supposed to last for many years that is why proper medical is required. According to Schrimshaw (2011), there are a number of aspects to be correct dental care for children. Firstly, any child is supposed to be taught about hygiene and the significance of maintaining good dental care regimen.

According to Schrimshaw (2011), guardian should ensure his/her child visits the dentist for regular checkups so that any problem can be identified early enough to reduce cost medication. Taking children to the dentist during a problem is not appropriate since the teeth and the gum of a child could already occur and cannot be fully treated. The Importance of dental care could be evaluated by understanding that Early Childhood Caries does not leave any traces, but when it develops it can cause a ton of deadly diseases to the infants. et al Manski (2014), has defined this disease to be the presence of a decayed tooth (teeth), some missing teeth along with some filled tooth surfaces in a set of primary teeth of children aging between 0 and 6 years. This disease could be a multifactorial disease having its origin from bacteria. Actually, when sweets enter the body, the carbohydrates are broken down by the bacteria which further give birth to various acids responsible for corrosion of minerals of teeth.

Research by et al Manski (2014), shows that a regular dental visit is a very important for any kid. Even if your kid is afraid to go to the dentist, make sure you talk to them and explain how these visits will help them build stronger teeth and not cause any pain. Guardian need to assure them that kid dentistry is not painful and usually involves a lot of good things that will make their smile more amazing. If a child is desirous to acquire a practical denial car advice, then you must consider taking the assistance of any professional dental care assistant, who has adequate knowledge regarding all such aspects. According to et al Manski (2014), there are some remarkable practical dental care services that are widely delivered by the expert dentists, but before having such services, people must be sure that all such dental care services can be availed at a moderate asking price that can be managed by all their folks, For having any more detailed information, guardian must consult with some experts, who have adequate knowledge regarding all such aspects.

Finally, most people will need to see their dentist every six months for check-ups and hygiene appointments but we know it is all too easy to ignore reminders. If a child's teeth feel fine and you don’t have any symptoms then it is tempting to miss regular check-ups but this can be far costlier in the longer term. A good preventative teeth care regime that includes regular professional dental care will help your natural teeth to last longer and is easier on the parent wallet. Additionally, the child is far less likely to need an emergency dentist in town and your checkup will include regular oral cancer screenings which could even save your life.

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