Protecting Dementia Patients from Discrimination

In overall presentation, I have chosen dementia patient as a service user group and ‘discrimination’ as the protected characteristics. The overall presentation has assisted me to understand my strength such as my interaction skill, communication skill and time management skill and also my limitation including poor analysing skills. I have done a well-structured and attractive presentation on the topic, protect dementia patients from discrimination by focusing on all the criteria given to me through presentation. In this presentation I have discussed Equality Act 2010 and Disability Discrimination Policy, which have assisted my team to meet the criteria of the legislative framework in protecting dementia patents. Equality Act 2010 and Disability Discrimination Act are developed by UK government in terms of protecting rights of all citizens in the country including mentally ill and disabled people (Fell and Dyban, 2017). In addition to that, I have also focused on issues that dementia patients face in the society and their needs in this presentation, For enhancing the use highly relevant as well as valid information I have used the resources that have discussed policies and legislation that the UK government have developed to protect dementia patients from any kind of bias and social isolation such as Mental Health Act 1983, Mental Capacity Act 2015, Health and Social Care Act 2012 and Human Rights Act 1998. In addition to this, I have done the presentation very well by discussing the duties of service providers in meeting the safety needs of dementia patients. For improving the overall quality of this presentation, I also discussed challenges faced by service providers in dealing with safety needs of dementia patients and also recommend the strategies that are needed in current situation to provide proper protection of dementia patients from social discrimination and bias.


While reflecting on my activities during the presentation I can say that I can make betterment in the overall presentation by using more references and valid information while discussing each aspect regarding the protection of dementia patients. In addition to that is also feel that I need to use more real-life examples in each slide while discussing different context of the topic such as challenges and issues faced by dementia patients, their needs and the overall recommendation for their protection. As mentioned by Lam (2018), while reflecting on own work, it is important n tony to determine own strength but also finds out own limitations as well as drawbacks. Here I also realise that I can do better in presentation if I use more attractive and relevant images in each slide which would assist my team to portrait the actual points of the given topic in each slide that are going to be discussed.

By reflecting on my activity throughout presentation I can say that, although I have used loud clear voice while presenting the slides, I sometimes felt nervous that reduced my self-confidence at certain extent. I evaluate the reason for this low self-confidence may be the limitations as well as drawbacks of this presentation such as lack of real-life example, lack of more resources and using less relevant and attractive images. While reflecting on the body language during presentation I can say that I have tried my best to use proper facial expression with maintaining polite and formal approaches that made my tutor impressed and satisfied. By evaluating my experiences and activities during the presentation I can say that the overall time allocated to my team for accomplishing the draft of the entire presentation was insufficient to make proper research on the topic and make the useful script with using proper relevant resources. Finally, I can say that, if again I am assigned with such a presentation, I would like to improve my time-management skill as it will assist to complete each task associated with presentation before the deadline. Additionally, I also need to improve my written communication skills and analysing skill that would assist me to write the proper draft and analyse as well as interpret the criteria associated with given topic respectively

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