Regional Hospital Aims to Provide

Action plan

In the recent pandemic era of COVID 19, the regional hospital aims to provide high quality care and treatment to the patients, who have tested positive for COVID 19. The action plan is essential to strategise the whole clinical are to support the patients and provide them best quality services during their isolation period. The changes in personnel, budget, governance and resources are effective for the regional hospital to manage the patients efficiently with quality care, treatment, medicine and ventilation (Legido-Quigley et al., 2020).

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Strategy of personnel

It is necessary to hire the skilled workforce and provide them clear responsibility to the social workers, doctors, nurses and other staff members at the unit.

Managing them efficiently through communication and cooperation as well as convincing to them to adopt changes with safety and security are mandatory.

Strategy to develop budget

It is mandatory for the regional hospital to develop appropriate budget by considering all the expenses and using automated computerised budgetary process (Rubin et al., 2020).

Strategy to reallocate resources

Regional hospital must focus on hiring skilled workforce; manage supply of the medicine and other equipments for the patients and arranging more ventilation for serving the patients with quality care and safe treatment at the infection control unit (Driggin et al., 2020).

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Strategy for developing corporate governance

It is necessary for the regional hospital to develop governance by implementing safety rules in the infection control unit, to ensure the security of the service providers, as well as developing organisational culture by maintaining transparency and accountability and encouraging the creativity of the staff for maximising the values for the patients (Ramanathan et al., 2020).

Reference List

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