Remain Such a Persistent Issue In Us Politics


Though the Lyndon B Johnson’s creation of Medicare in 1965 is there which was implemented through the social security and amendment Bill, the American health care system is still facing issues even after the health care reform. There are many successful presidents over the decades who tried a lot to manage the health care issues through reform and but it is still a major problem for the UK politics where it has been estimated that over million Americans or 8% of the population are uninsured which is one of the major problems in the UK health care system (Johnson, 2018). There is persistent issue related to structure indecency and for this the government and local authorities fail to collaborate for developing an integrated health and social care system. Therefore, the essay focuses on illustrating the role of the constitution in article 10 has caused the U.S healthcare system to remain a major problem in the US politics. Moreover, the essay is effective to discuss the different types of health care issues even after the health care reform in the USA.

Ideological differences

There are different opinion of the parties rated to the health and social care system in the USA and for which the health care sector is still facing lots of challenges to provide quality care and support to the citizens. In this regard, the health care reform is the constant and consistent feature of the US politics where the presidents change their views and introduce new reform strategies for the development of the health care system. There are major differences between the private and public health care system, where the government tries to include all the citizens under the insurance through existing public programs, Medicare and Medicaid, and as opposed to this, there are private spending and organisations outside of the price battles such as over Clinton care and Obamacare. Obamacare focuses on expanding coverage with insurance exchanges which further helps the people to maximise their wellbeing and reduce the cost of the treatment and health care (Sommersguter-Reichmann et al., 2018). On the other hand, the Medicare system pays about 12% less than the hospital cost according to the American Hospital Association. The most significant different between Obamacare and Medicare is the nature of the strategic planning where traditional Medicare is the health insurance provided by the government itself and as opposed to Medicare, there is Obamacare which indicates the planning of helping the individuals to buy the health insurance based in the insurance business reform in various states. Hence, Obamacare supports the private health insurance organisations where the Medicare supports the government program to reduce the cost of the treatment and maximise the health and wellbeing of the social communities across the USA.


It is important to review the Obamacare reform, where the cost of the patient for treatment is increasing at a rapid rate. Hence, The Affordable Care Act 2010 was executed to review the system of Obamacare and help the people to reduce the extra cost for treatment and heath care services. For many people, it is mandatory to get insurance for a pre-existing condition and the aim of the law is to improve the health care system of the USA by widening the health care coverage to more Americans and by protecting the patient though giving affordable health insurance policy to the individuals (Burstin, Leatherman and Goldmann, 2016). Cumulatively, from the year of 2010 to 2017, the ACA reduced health care spending a total of $2.3 trillion to protect the health and wellbeing of the individuals and reduce the heath care cost. Due to different opinion of the government bodies, the US health care reform is not successful and there are different challenges due to non-cooperation and lack of structural reform in the US health care system. The biggest problem of the US health care system even if the Obamacare is the high cost of the treatment and health care service for which the patient sometime face difficulties to access their care and services. Thus, expensive care is the major issues of the US heat care system, even after the health care reform and for which it is a controversial factor for the US politics where the government face difficulties to secure the individuals and provide efficient health care services at affordable price.

The problems are still there in the USA health care system where many Americans are uninsured and many others are inadequately insured while at the same time it is expensive for the people as compared to any other advanced health care system, which raises the cost of burdensome for the organisations, individuals and even for the government of the country. The reform eats up 17% of GDP where it is also difficult for the government to make the reform successful and it has further negative impacts on the economy, public health and the stakeholders, engaged with the health and social care system such as doctors association, hospital groups, professionals, general physicians, social workers and nurses (Mossialos et al., 2016). AARP ensures that the changes in the health care system of the USA does not affect the Medicare negatively which further boosts the government interest to involve with the provision of care. There are profoundly different pinion related to the USA health care reform and for which the idea of partially privatising the Medicare system exists. Through the one side of the health care system is managed and regulated by the government, different ideologues and opinion of the parties’ raise controversy about the health care reform for which the health care reform is not successful in the USA (Abul-Husn et al., 2016). The government structure is also not united which further raise problems for managing the health care reform efficiently and for which the government is also suffering with the US health care system and it further affects the US politics due t diversify ideologies.

Challenges in the US health care system

The major issue of the USA heath care system is the private insurance and lack of insurance in the country where the people are suffering through accessing the health and social care at affordable price. The medicine is the major business in the USA and the expenditure for the health care, heath research and other health care services is increasing at a rapid rate in the recent decades. The cost of the nation is more than $2.6 trillion annually which is the major problem in the economy, where the individuals are suffering through getting affordable healthcare treatment and services (Hampson et al., 2018). The important reason of such scenario of heath care system of the US is private health insurance where the USA is following the direct-fee system in their country. The western countries follow the nationalised system in the health and social care and for example, the UK has National health Service (NHS) and Public health England (PHE) where the institutions are efficient to provide efficient treatment and quality care to the people of the England at an effective price (Niles, 2019). However, due to private insurance and differ ideologies and opinion of the different parties in the USA, the health care reform is still an unsuccessful factor in the USA. As per the estimation, 54% Americans have private insurance and 29% people have public insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid. Whereas, remaining 16% people are uninsured and here it can be stated that there are many people, who are uninsured in the USA (Eckelman and Sherman, 2016). There are 50 million of Americans including 8 million of children are uninsured in the country and this is one of the major issue, or which the people should bear high cost for medical treatment. For this, the uninsured person does not get proper medical treatment and care in the country.

High cost of the health care is another major issue even after the health and social care reform in the USA which indicates that the reform is a big failure for the economy, where the cost of the health and social care service is high and the people is unable to bar the expensive treatment and quality care. The per capita health insurance is also high and the people are suffering a lot from getting proper treatment and care. The health care cost is 50% higher than the two highest spending countries, Norway and Switzerland, 80% higher than Canada’s expenditure as well as twice as high as France and 2.3 times higher than UK expenditure. Hereby, the expensive health and social care system need immediate reform with proper collaboration of the government bodies and appropriate structure (Lesho et al., 2016). US spending to health care system are high due to immense wok in the private health insurance activities where there is lack of paper works for which the billing and record keeping system need to be improved further for managing the administrative cost and handle the overall cost of health care. Private health care insurance is also another major cause of such challenging situation of the health and social care service of the US, where due to presence of private insurance, he doctors, nurses and health care professionals and organisations are free to charge whatever they want for their services. The government also fails to keep the price low as the doctors, and other health care professionals charge as high as possible for their quality care and services.

There are other major issues in the health and social care system of the USA and lack of quality of care is one of them. The doctors and the health care professionals sometime fail to provide the best possible treatment and care due to ac of rest which deteriorates the performance of the doctors and reduce the wellbeing of the individuals. Sleep deprivation is open of the major cause for such impaired treatment and care provided by the doctors. Shortage of physicians and nurses is another issue in the US medical system and it is one of the serious facto which deteriorates the quality of care. It is essential for the care givers to collaborate and cooperates with each other treating the patients with high quality care and efficient treatment by attest instruments and medical technology (Chawla et al., 2016). However due to lack of presence of the physicians and the care givers, it is difficult for them to develop proper team and treatment and patients efficiently. Due to lack of hospital emergency room and low paying, most of the doctors refuse to treat the patients at such condition. Many rural residents are also suffering from lack of convenience access to hospitals, health care professionals and ambulances and other emergency care. Hence, expensive treatment as well as lack of quality care and services due to absence of physicians and care givers at the emergency care and hospitals further reduces the standard of the living condition of the people in the country.

The percentage of mistakes by the hospitals is also another serious concern which deteriorate the values of US health and social care services in the country, where there are mistakes happened at the hospitals due to lack of presence of the efficient doctors and nurses at the hospitals as well as sleep deprivation among the care givers. Sometimes, the patients get wrong diagnosis, wrong drugs and medicines, wrong treatment and care which deteriorates the standard of living of the people (Imershein, 2019). Lack of assessment of the patients is another issue, in which he doctors and the medical staff members fail to conduct patient assessment where they also fail to acknowledge the actual health needs and preferences of the people admitted at the hospitals. On the other hand, there is another major issue related to infection control mechanism. In the health care system of the USA, there is lack of sanitization and hygienic maintenance at the hospitals and for which approximately 2 million patients are infected for lack of hand wash and their safety measures. The infectious disease further raises the annual cost of the USA health care system by $30 to $40 billion.

There are also other challenges in the USA health care system part from the insurance coverage problems, which is medical fraud and lack of medical ethics followed in the hospitals and private care homes. Many types of health-care providers, including dentists, medical equipment companies, physicians, and nursing homes engage with medical fraud where they are unable to implement the medical ethics at the place to treat the patients ethically and legally. There is fraud in billing counter where there is no such transparency and accountability in the billing activities which is one important reason of expensive medical services in the country. The doctors and the nurses prefer the patients to tests to a laboratory that they own or in which they have invested for further financial gain and thus it is also anther medical fraud happened in the country. The practice of self-referral is legal, but it is mandatory for the doctors to acknowledge and identify the preferences of the patients in this case. Without their concern and consent form, it is illegal to refer them to a particular laboratory for test. Additionally, the doctors sometime asked the patients for the payments for drug trial which is also not legal in the country to influence the patients and convince them for such activities (Flannery, 2018). Thus, the US health care system is facing serious challenges which further deteriorate the quality of care and treatment in the country. The people are also suffering from high cost of treatment and they do not get proper treatment and care as per their health needs and personal preferences. There is no such practice of person centric care where the doctors and nurses do not take consent of the patients before developing the care plan and apart from that, lack of transparency and accountability further fail to develop trust and loyalty among the patients.


It can be concluded that, the USA health care system is suffering a lots of challenges which have adverse impacts on the US politics as the government and different political parties are involved in the health and social care system directly and indirectly. Differences in the ideologies, lack of government structure fictions and non-collaboration further raise the issue in the health care system even after the health and social care reform in the USA. The major problems in the USA heath care system are such as expensive treatment, high cost of insurance, and lack of professionals at the hospitals, absence of experienced staff, self referral program, drug trial and direct fee system. It is mandatory for the government and the other political parties of the US to cooperate and develop nationalised health insurance policy and practice to control the rising cost of the health and social care service to support the individuals and control the mechanism for the benefits of the public. Immediate health care reform and implementation of the Affordable Care Act 2010 are required to protect the health and social care service and serve the people in the country efficiently with high quality care and treatment at affordable price.

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