Significance in Healthcare and Foundational Concepts


This section will introduce the topic of study and explain its significance to healthcare. The section explains the basic concepts that are discussed in the rest of the paper. it set the foundation of the rest of the paper.

Self-awareness and communication are ultimately important to nursing practice. It is never easy to know about oneself, as the process is not only painful but also time consuming. The process begins from the possession of a conscious awareness succeeded by a struggle for change via a continuous process. Notably, nurses spend of their practicing time around patients relative to other healthcare providers. As a result, self-awareness is such an important tool that assists in the development of therapeutic relationships with patients in healthcare settings. The importance of self-awareness is emphasized by the argument that the fundamental duty of the basic professional school of nursing is observed as the complete development of a nursing student as an individual. It is thus of much importance to understand the distinct aspects of self-awareness besides exploring the practical implications of self-awareness. Communication is the basis of all kind of relationships. therapeutic communication is thus a significant and critical skill in nursing practice since nurses communicate with patients almost all the time. It assists nurses in their activity of caring for the patients. Self-awareness are thus inevitable skills that are needed in nursing practice. Owing to their significance, this paper will aim to discuss the importance of self-awareness and communication in developing therapeutic relationships in healthcare. The paper will take a systematic review methodology where research papers will be sourced from electronic databases and reviewed to get information for answering the research question.



Importance of self-awareness

This section is more specific as it discusses the importance of self-awareness in nursing practice. The section discusses why self-awareness is termed as one of the most important and essential aspects pf professional nursing practice. Some of the points that will be discussed will include;

-enhances therapeutic communication

-helps in development of therapeutic relationships between nurse and patient

-enables effective decision making in nursing practice

-gives more self-confidence

-provides clear and intentional communication

-helps in understanding emotions of patients in a better way

Importance of communication

This other section discuss the impact and significance of communication in nursing practice. The following points will be discussed;

-enables development of therapeutic relationships between nurses and patients

-enables faster and effective decision making

-enables performance of accurate nursing work

-enables performing of consistent and easy nursing work

-ensures satisfaction of patients

-enables protection of health professional

-prevent injuries and death

-increase trust between patient and nurses

Strengthen relationship and connection between healthcare professionals

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This section summarises the major points that are discussed in the essay besides giving future directions and recommendations.


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