Thio-Yne Click Hydrogels for Enhanced Control


Abbreviations and Acronyms

DNA- Deoxyribonucleic acid

ECM- Environmental chemistry methods

PEG- Polyethylene glycol

DSC- Differential scanning calorimetry

EWC- equilibrium swelling content

FRAP- Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching

PBS- Phosphate buffered saline

SF- Swelling factor

YPA1- Yes-associated protein 1



The mechanical properties of polymers are greatly affected by their stereochemistry. Not much investigations have been undertaken to gain more understanding of the effect of stereochemistry on properties of hydrogels. The research study aimed to investigate the use of stereochemistry in the control of mechanical properties in thio-yne click hydrogels.


The researchers used a PEG-based click-hydrogel for the exploitation of the positive effects that nucleophilic thiol-yne addition reaction has on a stereochemically defined hydrogel.


From the study, it is notable that diverting the stiffness of hydrogel impacts on its physical characteristics as well as cellular response. The study reports that affecting the stereochemistry of the double bond that is formulated as the process of gelation takes place results in compounds that have similar physical properties but different mechanical properties. It is also evident that having control over the stereochemistry double bonds formed during the addition of nucleophilic thiol-yne enhances the formation of hydrogels that are relatable to the double bond stereochemistry based on its mechanical properties.

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The approach that the researchers took allowed for synthesis of hydrogels whereby there is constant physical and chemical parameters and giving room for the isolation of mechanical properties in directing cell differentiation. It is thus possible to examine the mechanotransduction due to the ability of the human mesenchymal stem to act as a substrate stillness cell reporter.

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