Literature Review

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Telecommuting vs. Office Work: Employee Exhaustion Study

  • Course Code: SPW28868
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Pages: 13
  • Published On: 08-11-2023

This report aims to find out whether employees working from home (treatment group) are more or less exhausted

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Production Technology and Efficiency in Education Sector

  • Course Code: SPW29150
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Pages: 06
  • Published On: 10-11-2023

The output-oriented efficiency measurement was adopted by Günay & Dulupçu (2019) in their research to measure the efficiency

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Unlocking England Green Belt

  • Course Code: SPW22638
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Pages: 05
  • Published On: 14-02-2024

England’s green belt (GB) is where close to a population of 30 million go to when they need to get away from the busy streets and experience a more laid-back atmosphere. However, lately, there has been a heated debate over its benefits and whether it is even necessary, especially in the

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It is said that a literature review also known as the narrative is the most comprehensive review. It is also the evaluation of the already published literature on a particular topic. It is also to do a lot with the research question. It is known to everyone that the literature that is reviewed contains articles, journals, and many other forms of writing. A literature review is something that needs to be done in a very specific manner without making errors. It is a fact that taking guidance from the Literature Review Dissertation Template is a very good decision as expert guidance from them helps in formulating a strong literature review. All the factors should be taken into consideration while conducting the literature review to complete it successfully with perfection.

All the dissertations that are produced have the chapter of the literature review which holds a huge position in the overall document. A lot of attention and focus is to be given to every aspect of this section so that it can come out to be the most reliable and authentic. All the research projects that are done by the students should have the basic idea of doing it as it sets the foundation of the whole document. Many students seek literature review dissertation help to get clearer about every area of the chapter to make it even more worth it. Do not take this chapter on a lighter note as one mistake can ruin the whole hard work done in terms of conducting the research.

There are many components of the literature review that need to be followed by the students to make the chapter look meaningful. It is always said that there should be a logical flow within the chapter as that is what makes it sensible and an attractive piece of writing. All the students aim to conduct this part of the research very proficiently so that they can make a strong base for their study. A literature review is done to identify the gaps that are going to be addressed in the research to bring a certain change in the field of the study. It is observed that many students take external support from the Literature Review Dissertation Example in place to get familiar with all the elements that are part of the literature review.

Talking about the literature review in the field of business related to employees, communication, and many more contains a high level of research as there are many sub-points attached to them. Several studies have been already conducted in this field of study which is to be reviewed in place to find the robust gaps that can be addressed efficiently in the research.

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