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Improving Management and Leadership Performance

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  • Published On: 07-11-2023

Executive summary

Five learning disciplines identified by Peter Senge. Explanation with examples According to Peter Senge, the five learning disciplines, which are the core of leadership in learning organization, are described as follows

Shared Vision:

Everyone in learning organization should build a personal vision and share it with others to construct a common understanding for future in terms of making commitment to work together for fulfilling company's vision of accomplishment (Reese, 2020). Like, the leaders of an organization can direct the employees to build a common vision of delivering ideas together in terms of organization's success.

Personal Mastery


It is a continuous and focused development process of an individual to achieve the real goals potentially (Reese, 2020). For example, if someone wants to run a start-up, he must set the goal at first, and then it needs recurring development of the company based on various purposes and situations for accomplishment.

Mental Models:

Mental models are enormously presumed, generalized or such images are also greatly involved in how we perceive the world and the relevant action (Ricketts and Lockton, 2019). An organization should understand all the behavior of its employees to discover the reasons and assumptions behind it and then the reaction should be expresses on the basis.

Team Learning:

It is about the capability of team members to think together instead of conjectures. The team learning requires the promotion of interaction patterns of team (Batt-Rawden et al. 2019). As example, in a learning organization, some teams are formed with each individual and they are motivated to think together and exchange ideas to work together.

System Thinking:

System thinking incorporates the analysis of patterns based on overall viewpoint and the realization of the inter-relationship among the previous features (Tani et al. 2018). An organization can employ all the features to determine the process of achieving success.

Personal Vision

Personal Vision is considered as the commitment of an individual to lead its life. It is involved with all personal areas like family, companions, devotionals, physical health, freedom and work. An explicit vision is important for identifying the strengths and interests, reflection of values and evaluation of skills (Phillips-Jones, 2017).

Three important Steps involved in creating a personal vision

Self Exploration

Self exploration can be recognized with realization and understanding of personal necessity of oneself (Naplyokov, 2018). It may include professional or personal development, abilities, achievements, different experiences, health or financial stability and so on.

Imagination towards the vision

For all the specified and cautious necessities, one should imagine the future using the intellectual vision in terms of discovering its instance in the personal life, profession, career and other desired domains (, 2020).

Drafting the statement of personal vision

Finally, the vision statement should be drafted to have a view of a perfect life and the method of achieving it. Each of the desires and necessities should be valued while creating the statement. This would lead one to move towards the goals potentially which would be very effective.

Discussion on Senge’s mental models with reference to effective leadership

Senge's mental model is an imaginative substructure that consists of simplifications and presumptions from which we can appreciate the world and act accordingly (Jordaan, 2019). It includes generating alternatives, appointing new team members, creating self-awareness and allows people to inquire.

Five elements of skillful discussion as pointed out by Peter Senge Advocacy balanced with the inquiry:

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A balanced conversation objects to produce a factor of exchanging each other's view among the teammates. For balancing this advocacy with the inquiry, one should discover the motivation and the explanation of the view (Siricharuanun, 2018).

Construction of shared interpretation:

As every word is symbolic, it denotes various meanings for different people. In the concern of erecting shared meaning, it is important to avoid this miscommunication by using accurate language with apparent interpretation.

Using of self-awareness as resource:

In the context of unstable mental conditions like confusion, anger, frustration, anxiety or troubled, one should discover its present thoughts, feelings and desires.

Impasses exploration:

It is important to find out both the agreed and disagreed factors. The source of the disagreements should be pointed out. Like the Facts or data, Methods, Goals and Values of beliefs and thoughts.


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