Leveraging Professional IT Support for Database Management at Punthers

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  • Published On: 22-11-2023

Question 1

Two appropriate professional bodies matched to relevant computing job roles. Then explain the benefits of membership.

Mr. Gamble is the managing director of the company Punthers, suffering from managing their It infrastructure and it further deteriorates the brand efficiency to manage the database of the employees as well as the clients in running the operational activities strategically. It is hereby mandatory for the company to communicate and hire an effective professional body for running the business efficiently through technical advancement. The professional body is efficient to support the business of Punthers and improve IT activities and networking for managing the database of the stakeholders. Government of the UK and British computer society are collaborating and are major professional body, in order to manage their IT framework and networking activities.

It is important for the organisation to get continuous support from professional body of BCS according with law society to develop the IT framework for managing the online database and secure the data efficiently where they try to support the employees with training and development for improving IT skill. Ms. Schmooze is Network manager and Mr. Peter Parker is the Website manager in the organisation and they also need continuous support to manage their database and maintain the employees efficiently. The company Punthers get negative feedback in the market due to lack of IT data management where the management team fails to cooperate with the employees and it also fails to provide high quality services to the customers. Hiring the professional body in the company is one of the effective strategies to support the web developer and network manager which in turn helps the whole IT team to work collaborate and identify the existing issues in the business (Knapp, Maurer and Plachkinova, 2017).


Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is also another multidisciplinary professional body to enhance skill set of the employees. Creating further software for managing the employment data to mitigate the existing issue is mandatory for the business to manage their activities sustainably and for this hiring the professional body provides a scope to cooperate with Mr. Peter Parker and Ms. Schmooze to generate an integrated software system for better management. Old computer system was removed from the office and implementation of new systems and software application is being launched in the company in order to manage the digital database of the clients. The professional bodies are hereby playing a crucial role to maximise the performance of Mr. Peter Parker and Ms. Schmooze and enhance the organisational efficacy to protect the data. The General Data Protection Act 2018 is hereby implemented for protecting the data and maintains ethical and legal structure (Hughes et al., 2020).

Additionally, Britain’s leading professional organisation is also fruitful for the people, who work in the installation, development and testing the computer software. The professional bodies are hereby beneficial for creating social values, where online database management of the employees at the company will provide a scope to the company to maximise employee wellbeing as well as it is beneficial for the customers also, where the company would be able to create values for the clients by satisfying them through providing quality services to the employees (Habash, 2019). The IT framework can be developed with the help of the professional body, which is also fruitful for the company to manage their clients as well as maintain good workplace ethics by managing the employees, where the company would also be able to enhance the skill set and efficiency of the staff and run the business operations sustainably.

Question 2

Give quotations or excerpts from the BCS codes of conduct. Then highlight where the company may be in breach of those codes of conduct.

As per the BCS code of conduct, it is the responsibility of the IT professionals to carry out all the professional codes in order to run the company ethically. As per the BCS code of conduct, the public interest must be maximised for example, there are legitimate rights of third parties to get high return on their investment in the company (Jain and Singh, 2019). The management team of the company Punthers fails to meet the requirements of the third parties in the organisation where they face difficulties to provide high return on their investment due to lack of profitability and poor internal management system. Secondly, the BCS code of conduct refers to the duty to relevant authority for managing the internal conflicts (Jain and Singh, 2019). However, the management team of the company Punthers avoid employee complaints and they fail to handle the internal conflicts among the staff. Duty of profession is also another code of conduct as per BCS guideline, and Punthers also fail to follow the conduct where they are not efficient to manage professional competencies (Jain and Singh, 2019). The leader is not cooperative and there is lack of support and continuous motivation for the employees. The employees are suffering through fatigue, over work presser, lack of safety at the workplace, where they still do not get any support from the management team. Hence, the senior managers and leader of Punthers violates the code of conduct proposed by BCS (Jain and Singh, 2019).

Additionally, the data Protection law is strict in BCS where the organisation must protect the data and important information safely. However, in Punthers the employees can access and see the data and personal information of others on the computerised database which violates the data protection practice in the workplace (O’Regan, 2018). There is no such privacy and support to share personal information with the senior management team (Jain and Singh, 2019). Professional competencies and integrity is also violated where the leader fails to support and coordinate the team members at Punthers. On the other hand, trust and confidence must be ensured among the computer engineer but the leader and managers fail to manage their workplace and support the professionals in adopting new technology (Jain and Singh, 2019). There is lack of technical training and developmental program, for which the employees cannot adopt new technique to perform better and this further hampers the organisational performance and productivity in long run. There is lack of employee support and development, for which the issues such as internal conflicts, misunderstanding, non-cooperation and poor communication have been raised in the workplace (Jain and Singh, 2019). There is no such workplace flexibility, and the employees are suffering from working freely under suitable environment, and the leader also avoid the employee complaint about eyestrain, fatigue in neck, hands and fingers. This violates the employee safety and security where the leader and managers fail to follow the BCS code of conduct which hampers the smooth operational activities of Punthers in long run.

Question 3

Three Statutes that are relevant to Punters situation remember you must include full name and date of the legislation.

The leaders and managers of Punthers face difficulties to maintain ethical code o conduct for which it suffers in running their business by strengthening their employee base. They fail to create values for the employees due to unethical practice at the workplace. In this regard, the law and legislative structure influence the company to restructure the internal activities and develop corporate governance for managing the company operations ethically in the market.

General Data Protection Act 2018 must be implemented in the workplace to handle the data security and protect the important information in the workplace. It is the responsibility of the organisational leader and managers to protect the database of the company as well as the employees personal information is also mandatory to store securely, so that others cannot access the information (Barlow et al., 2019). The law provides a scope to the leader of Punthers to maintain data safety and security and avoid the breach of conduct.

Employment Rights Act 1996 is another mandatory law to strengthen the employee base, where it is the responsibility of the leader to maximise the rights of the employees at the workplace. There is necessary to introduce friendly atmosphere and flexibility to work in the company, so that the employees can work with continuous support and motivation (Hinton et al., 2019). It is also the rights of the employees to get flexible working hours, the scope of work life balance, sick leave and weekly leave for managing their health condition. The law restructure the business activities at the workplace or managing the experienced staff.

Health and Safety at workplace Act 2015 provides a scope to the company to maximise the health and safety of the employees, so that they can work safely and contribute efficiently for achieving the company goal. The law must be enforced in the workplace of Punthers, so that the leader can understand the employee complaint and resolve the internal issue for handling the staff efficiently (Liebregts and Stam, 2019). Continuous motivation, safe workplace, insurance coverage for any accidents at the workplace is mandatory to protect the employees and the law is effective for Punthers to avoid further unethical practice in future.

The company must implement all the above mentioned ethical law and legislations and enforce it with proper actions, so that it would be possible to develop corporate governance. The leader must focus on ethical code of conduct and improve supervision and quality control activities at the workplace, where the supervisor can review the workplace ethics and encourage the staff for contributing with their full potential. The company also maximise data security through strong IT framework and could computing system, so that others cannot access the information and important data. The code of conducts with legislative guidelines will be helpful for the company Punthers to create values for the employees and provide then suitable atmosphere to work safely. Enforcement of the law will also be beneficial for Punthers to run the operations ethically and retain the experienced staff in the workplace by resolving the internal conflicts, maximising communication and cooperation, developing trust and respect for each other so that the leader can lead the employees towards achieving the company goal.

Question 4

Describe any Ethical Problems related to Punters business practices. State what ethical decisions that must be made, then give a possible solution to resolving the ethical problems.

There are ethical issues in the workplace of Punthers where the leader and management team fail to meet the employee’s requirements and manage the workforce ethically. The ethical practice of data protection, managing accountability in the workplace and transparency are not followed successfully. Additionally the leader of Punthers fail to provide the scope of personal and professional development to the employees, as there is no such effective technical training and developmental programs in the workplace, for which their performance and productivity are not maximised in long run. The professionalism is not maintained, as the leader fails to resolve the problems of the employees, rather the leader avoids the employee complaint about their excessive work pressure, eye strain and fatigue. The leader avoids their problems at the workplace and there is no such workplace flexibility (Helen, 2020). Lack of flexibility and freedom to work further de-motivate the employees and it violates the professional and ethical practice in the workplace (Southgate et al., 2019). On the other hand, the leader of Punthers also fails to manage the corporate governance where there is no such suitable organisational culture with trust and respect for each other, and there is lack of communication and noon-cooperation. These ethical practices must be mitigated in future so that the leader of Punthers would be able to run the business and lead the employees towards achieving the company goal.

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The organisational leader must implement the General data Protection Act 2018 in order to maintain safety and security of the information and data. The employee’s personal information and organisational data must be protected with integrated computer system and could computing practice. The leader also needs to follow transformational leadership style, in order to manage the employees with continuous motivation and support. The leader must support the employees with technical database and direct hem so that their performance would be maximised. Arranging training and development program for the employees is mandatory, the leader and senior manager of Punthers also need to provide flexibility to work, with giving them weakly leave and proper working hours so that they would be encouraged and they try to contribute efficiently for fulfilling the company goal. Continuous motivation with providing flexibility at the workplace, encouraging their creativity and monetary incentives as per their performance are effective strategic planning through which it would be possible for the leader of Punthers to improve ethical practice and manage the staff members ethically. The organisational leader also needs to introduce performance related pay for encouraging the staff as well as maintain workplace safety and security. Continuous supervision, quality control system, health safety and insurance policies of the employees are also necessary to run the business ethically and retain the experienced staff in the workplace. The leader is hereby playing crucial role to maintain ethical practice and manage the workforce successfully to run the business and conduct the operations legally in the market. Through employee management, developing corporate culture as well as enhancing internal communication and cooperation, it would be possible for the leader and the senior management team to maintain strong employee base and secure future sustainable development of the business.

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