Reflective Journey: Building Passion

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  • Published On: 20-11-2023

At the beginning of the module, I was very eager to learn. I had a slight idea of the module, but I was anxious to get into the full details. I felt excited and, at the same time, curious to get into the details. I had chosen the course because I was very passionate about it. After performing the first task, I feel that the decision I made was the best. I have resolved to keep on adding more knowledge for the sake of my career in the future. I have also gained enough patience skills. This is because students in nursery school make mistakes repeatedly, and I, as the teacher, need to know that. In this module, I have learned that patience is a skill that I, as a teacher, need to keep on working on because my career will be based on that. What stands out is the fact that I have previously demonstrated to be very patient, and I never get irritated when the students fight over petty issues.


Before the task, I had been a little bit worried about the grades that I would get. I had targeted a D, but after the assessment, I believe that I can attain a C. I have since been working very hard to achieve the same. I have realized that I have great potential. My reading skills have been a little low, but I have resolved to improve them. Meager reading skills has been one of the challenges that I face, and I know to achieve my targets, I have to read more and work harder than I have been doing.

Additionally, my understanding and knowledge have greatly improved. As of now, I can write essays as well as point out my arguments. Cottrell (2013) stated that as a new learner, one could use their personal experiences to support their studies; I can use the knowledge that I gained from the first tasks to the second. I am able to adapt to new working environments because I have previously been exposed to one. This learning matters because I have come to know the need for planning and the importance of reading. Planning allows things to be done systematically, hence making things easier (Jabbarova, 2020). Also, one is able to complete tasks within the given time. On the other hand, reading opens up one's mind, and they are able to view things in several dimensions.

In the bigger picture, learning has opened up my mind, and I have since developed communication skills as well as report writing skills. I am able to articulate my points better in writing than before I took this module. What stands out is the ability to put into practice what I have learned in class in the actual work environment. I am excited that I am able to relate what I have learned in class to what is experienced in the work environment. I am very grateful for this module because it is shaping me to be the best in my career.

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Child observation is a skill that I have gained. I can now tell when a child is excited and when they are sad. I am able to read their emotions as well as interpret them. Generally, I can say that learning through class discussions as well as learning through reading have been of great importance. The group discussions have enabled me get my peers' points of view as well as articulate mine also. I can relate to things that others are saying because it is part of learning. The task was exciting, and I have learned a lot.

  • Cottrell, D. (2013). The magic question. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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