Analysis of Voter Turnout and Administration of Elections and Referendums in the UK

Task 4: UK Elections

Turnout in election

Study provides analysis of participation and administration of elections and referendums in UK. It will include description of turnout. It is computed by considering valid votes, votes rejected while counting and at postal ballot.

Turnout in election

Level of turnout in the last general election


The level of turnout in last general election in the UK was 66.1%. This level is considered to be the biggest turnout after 1997 in which 71% of electorate voting was recorded. According to the political analysts, approximately sixty percent of youth (aged 18-24) had voted. However, turnout was low in comparison to expectation because of the close nature (Electoral data, 2016). For the lower result of turnout students and immigrants were blamed as their turnout was relatively low. Although, good weather had assisted labour voters in voting. Previous studies had shown that this category is always troubled by poor weather conditions while travelling to polling stations. Rank of United Kingdom is 76 in terms of voters’ turnout in the world ranking. Although, it is improving by the efforts of the electoral commission.

Trend of turnout of election over time

Turnout data of election is fluctuating over time however from past four elections is constantly increasing (UK Political info, 2015). In accordance with the data published by Hansard Society, lowest turnout was recorded in 1918 i.e. 57.2% because of the end of First World War.

Trend of turnout of election over time Trend of turnout of election over time Trend of turnout of election over time

Figure 3: General election Turnout

(Source: House of Commons Research Papers 01/37, 01/54, 05/33 & 10/36)

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In accordance with the report of Electoral commission, changes are done current arrangements in order to motivate more people for voting. These initiatives are inclusive of following:

  • Making alteration in polling hours
  • Allowing voting on weekend
  • Providing polling stations at different locations
  • Encouragement for early and postal voting

With these efforts turnout has been improved in UK over the years.


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