Assessing the Current State and Future Prospects of Social Housing in the Uk

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  • Published On: 21-11-2023


The report presents the actual status of social housing in the UK. In the year 2018, January the housing and the homeless charity shelter had brought forth sixteen commissioners from across the political spectrum of divergent backgrounds and dissimilar viewpoints which resulted in an extensive discussion on the rambling affair of housing policy hitched up by the Grenfell Tower Fire. The analysis further focuses on the condition of the social housing across the UK and embarks a vision taking the initiative of the denouement of the housing crisis with a belief and persuasion that this catastrophe has to be a stimulant for a pragmatic change. The study also brings into light a very precious question that the successive government of the UK neglected to answer- What is the future of Social Housing?

Author and the title of the book

Shelter- A Vision for Social Housing by Reverend Dr. Mike Long

Overview of the book chosen

The synopsis of the report brings forth the facts and the facets of the emerging issues of the future of social housing that has been a huge problem faced by many people in the UK. The significant problem identified was about a strong influence on the working of all the other sectors of England. After a lot of survey and investigation, an evocative and realistic view of the actual problem of housing crisis in England has come up in the light.


Summarize introduction

The evaluation would summarize the impact of the private housing sectors on social housing sectors. The issues and the crisis of people seem to face, as a result of the scarcity of social houses. The result of the decline within the social houses and the ways to overcome from the critical situation has been thrown light on.

Summary of chapters

The housing crisis: This chapter actually brings forth the crisis of housing. In the chapter a clear view is given about those who cannot afford to buy their own house opting for renting it, as a result getting unnecessary involved in debts which is becoming a serious problem for them to get out of it. The issue of rent that becomes the burden for them that they cannot manage from their small income affects their food and clothing. The part of the study also shows the issues that the people face with the private renting likewise the electrical dangers, infections by the pests and damps. Frequent changing of the houses also affects the mental state of the children in an adverse way. As seen in the study the problems faced by the social renters cannot get solved easily as there is no one to execute it, and so people are getting homeless at an alarming rate. Survey made brought forward a report that more than 277000 people are homeless in England as a result of this problem.

How have we got here: The second chapter uplifts the problem of the shelter in England? It gives a vivid view of how so many people are going homeless only because of the increase in the cost and increase in the private renting. It gives a clear view of the serious problems of the rising price which had become a big problem for many people to afford making them homeless. Another issue that had been increasing at an alarming rate was the unfit private sector that had been charging high rates making a rapid rise in the housing benefit bill at the same time affecting the health of the people drastically.

The rise and decline of social housing: The third chapter brings into light the issues of the current housing crisis that are found in the decline of social housing over the last 40 years. Though it is true that the government had been building more than 126000 houses every year to minimize the problems of the homeless people but somehow failed to overcome the problem because of the increase in the price of everything. The situation has been so critical that the people fear as to when they would be homeless is uncertain. It has been reported that the government somehow failed to meet the demand of the people to provide everyone with the social housing facilities.

The consequences of the decline: The fourth chapter deals with the ramification of the decline of social housing. The decline would result in the more and more renting of private housing forcing people to take debts and growing in unhealthy environments. The debts would never let them have their own houses, they would grow old in private rented houses and most of the money earned and the welfare costs would go straight in the pockets of the private housing landlords only due to the lack of affordable social housing. Many more people would go homeless only due to the high rise in the housing costs.

Principles for the future of social housing: The fifth chapter brings forth the new vision to set an innovative plan for the future of social housing in the UK, England. The new principles of social housing would meet both the requirements and the desires of the people. The social housing would go in a better form to accommodate as many people as possible and this would be done keeping in focus of the past mistakes that had been done.

Reforming social renting: The sixth chapter dispenses the ways by which the improvements in the social housing would be executed. The reforms would protect the renters and ensure them to get the housing services at a standard cost. For reforming the social renting an active national tenants organization is required who would actively protest for the social housing residents at the regional as well as the national level.

Reforming private renting: The seventh chapter deals with the crucial amelioration that should take place in the private renting sectors to go along with the social housing sector. The reform would also focus on the greater protection of the social renters from expulsion and upgraded standards overall. The main focus would be to regulate the unnecessary hiking of the rents of the private housing sectors that result in forcing helpless people to go homeless.

Building more social housing:

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This part of the report advocated in the process of renewal of social housing plan and the presentation of a 20 year programmed to provide shelter to as many people as possible in England, UK. The building of more social houses could raise a hope in the people who need a shelter as well as provide homes for the young families who tend to save something for their uncertain future.


The whole report brought a clear view of the major issues of social housing in England, UK. The problems that the people faced by being homeless and the reforms taken to provide social housing to most of the people of the place. It also focused on the ways how the private housing earned money when the social housing failed to provide shelter to the helpless people, concluding with the reforms and the programmers that would be executed to provide shelter to the homeless and the young families in future.


Shelter England. 2020. A Vision For Social Housing, From Shelter. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 30 November 2020].

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