Contextual Dimensions of Qualitative Research Methods

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  • Published On: 05-12-2023

The purpose of research is not just to seek answers but also to explain the settings and context in which the results were achieved (Lune and Berg, 2017). The purpose of this essay is to look at qualitative research methods and discuss research tools used in qualitative methods.

Research Aims and Objectives

The research will aim to discuss and analyse the following points:


What is qualitative research and how is it used in social sciences research.

What are the aspects of qualitative research and the advances made in the field over the years, by different researchers.

The theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of qualitative research and their impact on how qualitative research is practiced today.

The research tools used in qualitative research, the different advantages and disadvantages of using these tools.

Kinds of research in social sciences which are suited to qualitative research and how different subject matters could be advantaged and disadvantaged by the usage of qualitative methods.

A short comparison with quantitative methods and how qualitative methods is advantageous and/or disadvantageous as compared to quantitative research methods.

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The usage of mixed methods in research and the role of mixed methods in innovating research.


An advantage of qualitative research is that it allows for the researcher to encompass the perspective of the respondents accurately (Silverman, 2020). The project aims to understand this methodology in detail, in the context of social sciences. By doing so, it also aims to understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of the method.


1.Silverman, D. ed., 2020. Qualitative research. Sage Publications Limited.

2. Lune, H. and Berg, B.L., 2017. Qualitative research methods for the social sciences. Pearson.

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