Exploring Qualitative Research in Sociology: Methods

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  • Published On: 05-12-2023

This essay will present a proper definition of qualitative research in social science by giving proper example of this research method. Here the essay will discuss why qualitative research is used in sociology and how this research method uses interpretivism approach to analyse social phenomena in descriptive way. Then this essay will outline and discuss the advantages and limitation of qualitative method.

Explaining qualitative research in the social science:
  • Qualitative research method is considered as the type of social science research method which focus on obtaining in-depth observation of how society reacts to and deal with different situation or events (Alsharari and Al-Shboul, 2019)
  • It can be defined as the process by which researchers are enabled to collect the non-numerical data from participants thereby interpreting these data to understand the social lives of target population (Anderson, 2017).
  • There are different types of qualitative methods such as observation, in-depth interview, open ended questionnaires, case analysis, focus groups and oral history analysis (Aspers and Corte, 2019).
  • Benefits of qualitative research are its ability to evaluate subjective matter by using greater details, analyses human experiences as well as observation and develop clear conception on social phenomena (Carminati, 2018).
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This essay concludes that qualitative research is based on colleting non-numeric database. It uses interpretivism approach to interpret the underlying meaning of the responses of participants. It assists researchers to analyse the social life, behaviour and activities of target population. Its limitations are time-consuming data collection method, lack of consistency and reliability and lack of transferability of findings.

Reference list:

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