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  • Published On: 19-12-2023
Case Summary

Social media is largely engaged in today’s world and social media channels motivate people’s lives. Social influencers are considering it for making media content on crucial aspects of life. It incorporates the platform of inequalities management and gaining systematic improvement of mental health and discrimination issues among people. There is a population indulged with accessing the components of life (Triana et al. 2019). The problem, in this case, is identified as a part of discrimination and racism is destroying the youth. Discrimination in terms of gender and race is hiding real talents and the youth is being deprived of their chances of growth.

1. The problem is social discrimination and racism that causes mental dilemmas. The mental dilemma of operating on high standards of living is observed, as sometimes it is not being fulfilled due to social and family pressure. Students nowadays are prone to enjoy their lives on their terms. This leads to various mental dissatisfaction issues and parents are losing control of their kids. Sometimes it is associated with leaving an impact on missing real talents and not gathering support to the needful. Helping students to come out of their mental dilemma is important and one of the burning issues of today’s society.


2. Mental health and gender discrimination are effectively creating a disbalance in the social components. Social media users are gaining multiple views on how inequalities of this society. This problem is quite important in younger students as they are more prone to damage. Security of pupils and ensuring lives cannot be compromised (Willem and Tortajada, 2021). The kids should be treated in a way so that they do not become suicidal or harm others. The importance of this problem is associated with creating a future that is free from any malpractices and gender discrimination components.

3. Situational analysis of gender discrimination, body shaming, and populism is affecting a large audience of the age group of 16 to 25. This includes teenagers and even young adults that are not being able to understand the difference between right and wrong. There are differential outcomes found out as people are more prone to self-harm these days in case their desires are not being fulfilled. People who suffer from mental health issues are largely impacted by surrounding acknowledgments (Triana et al. 2019). There are diverse components that are found to be effective in systematic research of mental health in youngsters. Some problems are not even highlighted as the victims do not come across and raise voice against issues like child abuse, sexual abuse made by people.

4. This problem is found out as a part of leaving an impact on a large variety of people and becoming socially incompetent. Uses of substances like drugs and alcohol are indulged within the context of mental health. Women and girl children are seen to be suffering most. Unauthorized access to adult Content and improper sex education is causing child abuse and social media is being used as a medium of threat. A reason behind the rise of social issues like gender discrimination is associated with

  • Lack of education
  • Lack of employment quality
  • Lack of legal protections
  • Job segregation
  • Poor medical care
  • Lack of political representation

5. In my opinion, the problem should be addressed at a greater level with proper political help and support to make strong actions against social context factors. They should create content with meaning and there should be restrictions on showing any pornographic material in social media context (Anandha et al. 2018). Access to such websites should be restricted for children under the age of 18 years. There should be prominent education provided so that young people can differentiate between right and wrong of gender discrimination. The use of counseling on mental health issues is an option for this problem.

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Anandhan, A., Shuib, L., Ismail, M.A. and Mujtaba, G., 2018. Social media recommender systems: review and open research issues. IEEE Access, 6, pp.15608-15628.

Triana, M.D.C., Jayasinghe, M., Pieper, J.R., Delgado, D.M. and Li, M., 2019. Perceived workplace gender discrimination and employee consequences: a meta-analysis and complementary studies considering country context. Journal of management, 45(6), pp.2419-2447.

Willem, C. and Tortajada, I., 2021. Gender, voice and online space: Expressions of feminism on social media in Spain. Media and Communication, 9(2), pp.62-71.

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