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Utility of Qualitative Data in Social Science Research

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  • Published On: 05-12-2023

Qualitative data involves the collection of non-numeric data and information such as video and audio, text and other information to understand the concepts, experience different opinion and utilize the information for in depth analysis and evaluation of the social science (Aspers and Corte, 2019). Through qualitative research, it is possible to gather a vast range of knowledge and information to generate new ideas related to the social science. It is useful for interpreting the data and information and through this method; it is also possible to involve interpretative, naturalistic approach in the social science (Tracy, 2019).

Qualitative research method in social science

There are different ways of conducting the qualitative research which are ethnography, narrative, phenomenological, grounded theory, and case study (Tracy, 2019).

The data in the social science for conducting qualitative research can be gathered through reviewing the existing literatures, including books, journals, online articles and newspapers as well as arranging interview with the respondents and gathering case studies (Aspers and Corte, 2019). These are the major data collection methods utilised in the social science studies for conducting qualitative research.

The qualitative research enables more complex aspects and gathers person experience (Tracy, 2019).

It is also beneficial for exploratory research and hypothesis generation, where the researcher is able to conduct social science studies through in depth analysis and evaluation.


For conducting the social science studies, the qualitative research is fruitful as it is possible for the researcher to gather vast range of information for in-depth data analysis and evaluation. The topic of the social science research can be analysed efficiently by interpreting the collected information. The authenticity of the research and validity of collected information can also be managed well through the qualitative research.

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