Connected Progress: Examining the Societal Impact of IoT and Robotics Integration

New development of robotics and IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network thing that is connected to internet including IoT device and it enable the physical assets ranging from customer devices to ensure equipped for connected devices. Recently, IoT is combined with robotics, where these twp technologies are effective to manage the activities in the society and contribute in economic growth and social development (Kondo, 2018). The robotics system is beneficial for the society where it helps to manage the economic actives, CCTV footage and maximise safety and security.
Additionally, it increases control and customisation as well as it is helpful for changing movement, managing environment and data management activities, where both the technologies manage the data and information efficiently (Sergeyev et al., 2018). There are other advantages of robotics and the system of IoT which are improving security and control, reduction in pick, pack and ship time and this further helps to maximise values for the customers, more energy efficiency, higher productivity, less space utilisation and less downtime as well as high quality and fewer errors, and thus the introduction and development of IoT and robotics are effective for the society to maximise the outcome and ensure economic growth and social development (Webster and Ivanov, 2020). Robotics and IoT has both positive and negative impacts on job market and employment. Due to high dependence on robotics, the employment rate may be reduced initially, where there would be labour retrenchment due to lack of skill and technical knowledge among the talent pool. On the other hand, robotics and IoT can enhance the creativity and IT innovation to perform better and achieve future success (Yang, Henthorne and George, 2020).

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