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After studying sociology, History, Law at my A level, I developed an interest in Accounting and finance. My fascination was to be a chartered accountant. Besides, I have always been interested in a career that will help me sink into the world of economy, which is currently faced with various challenges. I have also come to understand that accounting and finance are successful business's cornerstones and are significant building blocks of today's society. Also, I have come to understand that individuals who understand the accounting and monetary system can understand society's future and governments' decisions; thus, the need to be one of those people. Nevertheless, I believe that every person uses the principle of accounting at least once in their lives. Having worked in various organizations, I have observed how accounting and finance are a challenging sector. Therefore, with the current, in-depth understanding of finance and accounting and my fascination, I wish to apply for a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at your institution. If you require business dissertation help, then feel free to reach out to me for every sort of help.


The BSc Accounting and Finance program at your institution is a course that goes beyond quantitative and theoretical techniques and which equip students with transferable skills. However, I am confident that I am professionally and academically qualified. Looking at my educational background, I have pursued GCSEs. After completing my GCSEs, I started my A level of education where I was ambitious to study a subject such as sociology, History, and Law. I have gained management skills, analytical skills, and decision-making skills from this position, which I believe makes me the most qualified candidate to study accounting and finance. Moreover, I have worked at Rana Law firm. From this position, I was tasked with assisting in maintaining the organization and maintaining office equipment, maintaining sound filing systems for smooth data retrieving, and attending to visitors and walk-in clients. Moreover, I ensured that the organization's company was clean and well-arranged. I gained management skills, communication skills, and other transferable skills from this position, which I believe will be useful in accounting and finance. Moreover, from my love of charity work, I volunteered at the cancer research Centre. I participated in active research programs from this position, and I acquired a wide range of laboratory techniques, including microscopy. Furthermore, I have learned time management, decision-making, and other applicable skills in accounting and finance.

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Looking at my traits, I am a proactive, positive, and results-driven individual with a proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment while meeting deadlines. Moreover, I possess excellent communication skills, teamwork skills, and information technology, which makes me confident that I can significantly contribute to the accounting and finance sector. From my education and job history, I have learned various skills and experiences that have shaped me into a reliable, punctual, and professional individual who can deliver results. However, since accounting and finance are a demanding course, I am committed to striving to achieve my best since your reputable institution will help me be the best. Therefore, I relish the opportunity to study in a fast-paced accounting and finance environment, which will prepare me well for the modern job market.

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