Concerns About Unfair Treatment at School: Clarifying My Situation

I am writing this email in regards to convey my message. I believe that, school treats me unfairly, since the sad incident occurred between me and the other parents. Initially, when the school got involved, I had no problem, as I thought I was being treated fairly. However, I am certain that, this is no longer the case. I would like to mention that, I am aware of the government guidelines, therefore, when my friend Meltem comes with me on rare occasion, she observes social distancing, on 2nd November, when myself and Meltem attended university. After I picked my daughters up from school, we went to the library to study. And just like other families that receive support from their family and friends with pick up and drop off, I also have the same support and needs. When my brother helps me to drop in the school, he stays in the car and I have witnessed many families do the same. I have also witnessed parent sometimes have more than one person with them whilst picking up their children from school. To resolve all such issues, I have opted education dissertation help to understand the course with the best of action.


I understand the school may be concerned of the other parent wellbeing; my children’s well-being needs to be concerned too, as I also have two of my children attending the same school. I also have concern for my child’s safety. I have explained briefly what has happened to me, also during the meeting, which I had on the 23rd, it was mentioned that, an injunction was taking out under my two brothers name, which I understand and the school has the right to be concerned. However, I have five other brothers, who are extremely hard-working and have family of their own; they are also concerned about my children as well as my safety. I am aware of the two parents, who could possibly make regular complaint regarding me maliciously. I was attacked by one of the parent with her intention of hurting me, so I should be the one continuously complaining about my safety.

It is to inform you that, I complaint regarding them too, which I do not put forward as I have good belief and I also believe that, I could be investing my time and energy on positive aspect, instead of prolonging the matter, which is sensitive to me. Also, by making complaint unreasonably will not add any value to my life. I therefore urge you both to take my children and myself to treat us fairly. I feel very uncomfortable sending my children to school, as I do not know when I will be approached again with another unnecessary issue related to the other parent (mentioning no name) smirking at me with the intention of intimidating me. Very similar incident happened on Monday, 2nd, which my friend witnessed too. I would like to feel comfortable and happy sending my children to school, where I know they will be safe. Their education is important and I do not want this to prolong to an extent, where it may affect child’s education. I have stated everything yet I am not being approached, and I no longer wish to be approached regarding this matter. I hope this can be solved as soon as possible.

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