Nursing Professionals in Mental Health

The aim of the research is to analyse the role of the mental health professionals in order to deliver effective patient care for the individuals, who are suffering from several mental illness.

The objectives of the dissertation are such as,

To acknowledge the roles of the nursing professional in the mental health care

To explore theoretical frameworks associated with mental health services and the role of nursing professionals

To identify the ethical and legal practice in order to treat the patients

To identify which aspects of the performance of mental health nurses appear to be the most influential in terms of improving the quality of mental health care


To recommend some suitable suggestions for maximising the contribution of the nursing professional in the mental health care management

The research questions are such as,

What are the roles of the nursing professional in the mental health care?

What are the ethical and legal practices in order to treat the patients?

What are the impacts of the existing professional practice in mental health care?

What would be the suggested recommendations for maximising the contribution of the nursing professional in the mental health care management?

Methodology – rationale, data selection and collection, recruitment, participant demographics, analytical process


In the recent era of globalisation, there is increasing numbers of individuals, who are suffering from mental illness, due to depression and anxiety. It is important for the health and social care institution to intervene in the society and tackle this issue efficiently so that it would be possible to support the individuals with mental illness and protect their lives in long run. Healthcare dissertation help play a crucial role in addressing the challenges by providing valuable insights and strategies that can be useful in managing mental health conditions.

The issue of mental illness is hereby increasing among the individuals which further leads to self-harm, suicidal tendency, harming others, disability and emotional, behavioural and physical health problems. Hence, it is a major issue, which is necessary to be tackled by appropriate health care intervention, so that it would be possible to protect the living condition of the individuals, who are experiencing mental health issues.


In this particular research, the researcher has chosen the positivism research philosophy in order to conduct the study and analyse the role of the nursing professional in mental health care management.

In this research, the researcher selects the deductive approach, where the researcher first reviews the theories and models related to the research topic of mental health.

Both the primary and secondary data collection methods are chosen in order to progress in the study after gathering vast range of authentic data and valid information. The primary data is being collected by engaging the nursing professionals in mental health department in order to collect authentic information about maximising mental health among the individuals who are suffering from mental illness. On the other hand, through secondary data collection, it is possible to review the existing books and journals related to mental health care management.

The findings will be represented through tabular format, charts and graphs that further provide clear review of the gathered data of the respondents. Through quantitative data analysis method, it would be possible to critically evaluate the findings and identifying the role of the nursing professionals to maximise quality mental health care. In this regard, the descriptive statistics will be chosen for analysing the gathered finding critically to understand the perspectives of the nursing professionals in the care home.

Random sampling technique is being selected and the sample size is 50. 50 health care professionals in the mental health care treatment of NHS will be involved to participate in the online survey process.


Research Ethics Application Form

All research conducted by Arden University students require ethical approval. The application should be sent to your supervisor with your research proposal and any supporting documentation such as a recruitment invitation letter or guide, recruitment flyer (online/offline), participant information sheet, informed consent form, permission letter form an organisation to use their premises, participant instruction guide, questionnaire, measures, interview questions, debrief form, and any supporting or additional documentation that will be provided to the participants, or those helping with the research such as gatekeepers and assistants.

Secondary Research Only (Answer up to and including Question 3)
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Complete information up to and including Question 3 if you are conducting ONLY secondary research and can answer YES to the following question:

This investigation will NOT involve the collection of data from human participants, though it may collect data about individuals from published matter (e.g., previously published interviews or behavioural data).

Once the application and research proposal are reviewed and approved by your Supervisor, it will be sent to the Module Leader (ML)/Programme Team Leader (PTL) for final approval. You cannot collect data until final approval has been provided by the ML/PTL.

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