Building a Career Blueprint

1. Briefly describe your reasons for choosing this Course?

I have chosen this course as I have identified hospitality as an area of academic and applied study in relation to business management. Understanding the wider social science at local and national levels has become important in today's era. It is also important to gain adequate knowledge on operations and management of resources. I have gained clear idea on the development and management of rigorous and challenging concepts in serving people can be explained through this program

2. During Semester time, you are requiredto attend classes three days a week. Please confirm that you understand this and will meet this requirement?


Yes, the requirements are quite clear and I will be able to attend that. All three days of learning is important and each lecture will be noted in copies. I confirm to understand the requirement and I will definitely try to meet them. Key skill for people management is associated with human resource development and professional level of understating and I understand that attending classes will help me in this.

3. What is your Career Plan once you have achieved your Top-up Degree?

My career plan is associated with becoming hospitality consultants. The consultant can serve hotels and the job is associated with independent hospitality consultants are important to this industry. Event planning does not necessarily associate with staff planning and hotel organizing. However, a future consultancy option is still open with this particular plan of work. Hospitality career options also include becoming front desk agent or clerk along with a F&B director that links food and beverage sections for me.

4. What Skills would you like to develop to help you do this?

Identifying the international marketing standards and solefully designing the concepts of financial marketing on social media is important on human resource development criteria. I have found out five core skills that are going to help in building up a successful career in hospitality department is associated:

Engaging in teamwork

Problem solving and strategic innovation handling

Time management and stress handling

Empathy indulgence and appropriate emotional intelligence build up

Valuing the customer thoughts

5. Do you currently have any Work or Family Commitments? If so, how will you manage your studies at the same time?

Yes, there exists a family for all and I have a commitment to the family. Currently there are family commitments that are to be fulfilled. Studies will be managed as both the things are prioritized. Separate time is applicable for the management of family and studying The study timing is identified as in the afternoon and evening. The rest of time in the morning and night is applicable for families. Planning of activities is done and balancing of study and work is essentially done.

6. Doyou have any hobbies or interests? Briefly explain?

7. How do you know this particular course is the right choice for you?

I find this course is the right choice as there are secure career options noticed along with an attractive salary package. Resilience is another core component that is applicable in this particular set of coursework. Multitasking and taking initiatives of customer service is effective in the understanding of services. Compliance training is given as a part of this course. It takes initiatives of communication development.

8. Do you consider yourself to have any weaknesses? If so, what?

Definitely, I have some weaknesses. A person is never perfect and in my case, communication with strangers becomes an issue. Primary requirement of this course is communication as the entire industry runs on the development of insights and leveraging customers. Now without a speaking power in public it will become difficult to manage each hospitality job.

9. What do you consider to be your main Strengths?

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My main strengths are passion for this work. It includes superior dedication to the work being performed. My greatest virtue is identified as multitasking. Suitability and adaptability for any role given is identified to be important in hospitality management. An ability to generate high profit is also associated within economical component analysis and managing a team with appropriate problem solving skills.

10. What Achievements are you most Proud of?

My achievements to be proud of includes learning from mistakes and caring about people. Hospitality management does not only help to focus on degree it also aligns with helping the poor and needy. In this case, organizing a foundation for helping the poor has been the greatest achievement. This initiative can be continued after getting a job, as there will be a variety of people visiting the place and they are expected to contribute to this foundation.

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