Importance of Research Ethics


Research ethics refer to standards of behaviour that guide moral choices about a researcher’s behaviour and relationship with others (Thornhill et al. 2009). Research ethics relate to how researchers clarify research topic, formulate research questions, design the research, gain access, collect data, store and process the data, and present the findings (Thornhill et al. 2009).


Importance of Research Ethics

Research ethics are important as they advocate for harm avoidance. In addition, ethics at the topic and questions formulation level ensure that the research produces new knowledge. Research relies on the support of the society; therefore, observing ethical considerations increases the likelihood and ease of acquiring sponsorship (Birley and Moreland 2014). Research ethics not only protect the study participants but also the entire community in that observing ethics improves the quality and reliability of the generated data (Ritchie et al. 2013). Particularly, ethics seek to eradicate conflict of interest between the researcher and participants, which provides the society and academicians accurate and reliable information. Research ethics promotes valuable practices for cooperative work (Birley and Moreland 2014).

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Organisations want to fund trustworthy and socially responsible researchers, which compels researchers to act responsibly. Therefore, ethics are a core part of research as they protect participants, promote the accuracy and reliability of study results, and promote responsible practices in the society.

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