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Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory model


The elucidation of Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory is discussed in the research. It also puts light on the application of the factors and its influence in an organization. In other words, explanations of the factors of the personal, environmental and the behavioral features and given focus on. The interdependency of each character that affects the market in a broader sense is also discussed in the research. In other words, an appraisal of the model has been conducted through counseling on the change and learning process. The application of the above theory in the case study is given elaborately where the clear views of the usage of these factors are shown. The limitation and the positive impact of the theory on the human behaviors are debated with relevant points.


Interpretation of the theory


The social cognitive theory deals with three factors namely the personal, environmental and the behavioral, which are interdependent on each other and influence each other. According to Persson et al. (2014), this social cognitive theory is effective in the learning of the needs and requirements with the outcome of the corresponding behavior of an individual with regards to the environment. The distinctive feature of this theory is the prominence of the social impact on the external and internal social augmentation. The aim of the theory is to explain how an individual synchronized their behavior through control and augmentation to achieve goal directed behavior that can be controlled overtime.

The social cognitive theory deals

The theory focuses on the three ways interlink age between the environment, personal and behavioral factor. It is fact that none of the factors dominate each other and play equally important role in the whole theory (Boateng et al. 2016).

  • The personal factor: involves the personal attributes and the opinions that work with commitment, desire and inclinations and expectations that synchronize behavior rather than signifier of regular behavior.
  • The environmental influences: Bandura proclaims that people are both manufacturer and end product of the environment. The influence of the environment plays a crucial role in determining the behavior of a person.
  • The behavioral factor: a person’s behavior would regulate the feature and the facets of the environment to which they belong (Erhardt et al. 2016). The behavior of the individual gets determined and modified by the environment.

The synergy between the person and the environment embraces beliefs and dexterities evolved and modified by the social impact (Persson et al. 2014). However the cooperation between the environment and their behavior includes the person's behavior determining their environment which in turn affects their behavior, environment and the surroundings play a vital role in the resolution of the human behavior. The communication between their person and their behavior is influenced by their opinions, conceptions and actions. Hence the fact of interdependency of the three factors on each other gets a clear view. The cognitive factors that are the personal factors which revolve around the knowledge, expectations and the attitudes of an individual helps in the determining of human behavior.

In accordance with Persson et al.(2014),the behavioral factors encircling the skill, practices and the self efficiency also determines the way of acting in a human with regards to the situation. The environmental factors which also play equally important roles deal with the social norms, access to the community and the influence on the others with the ability to change their own environment. It has been clearly evident from the study that interconnection of all the human factors determine the synergy between the person, behavior and the environment. According to Erhardt et al. (2016) ,the factors impact each other in positive as well as in negative ways as through this theory a person learns by following others with respect to the surroundings, conduct and cognitions acting as preliminary factors puts impact on the evolvement in a reciprocal three way association.

Evaluation of the model on conduct

In the Social Cognitive theory individual conduct is comprehensively influenced, encouraged and balanced by the evolving procedures of self influence. As opined by Boateng et al. (2016), the main self cognitive mechanism operates through the three fundamental sub functions. This involves the self controlling and the restraining of an individual’s behavior, its casualties and its influence and the evaluation of one's behavior with respect to personal factors and environmental conditions influencing self reaction. Self pronouncement also circumscribes the self efficiency mechanism which plays a vital role in the exertion of the distinctive influence by its strong and determining impact on the thoughts, affect, motivation and action (Cecco, 2019). However; the theory is roughly collocated based entirely on the dynamic reciprocity between the person, behavior and environment. Moreover it is not a consolidated theory as there are different facts and facets of the theory may not be properly connected. Nevertheless the theory deliberately puts light on the procedures and the learning and thus in doing so it does not regard the biotic susceptibility that may put impact on the behavior notwithstanding past incident and conjecture (Erhardt et al. 2016). On the other hand it is a true fact that the social cognitive theory is of broad spectrum so it is obvious that the entire execution of the theory becomes difficult. It also does not put focus on the sentiments and stimulation other than thought reference to the past events and episodes hence there is negligible or minimum attention on these factors.

Application of the factors and its impact to the case study organization

The case of the Tesco retailing company can be figured out with the implications of the different factors of the Social Cognitive Theory. The theory suggests three factors, namely, personal factors, behavior, and environmental influences. The company decided to deploy the staff into different other customer service works (Boateng et al. 2016). Apart from that the changes that the company has focused to utilize can be systematically arranged by the application of the various factors of the theory. This can assist to enhance the production management of the company at a larger rate.

According to Persson et al. (2014), the personal factor of the theory is highly important for the marketing scenario of Tesco. The importance lies in the act of approaching the employees in the company for the redeployment activities. The factor influences the capability of the individuals in the company. The skills and working ability of the staff has to be implored to make them fit at the new positions in the company. The psychological treatment plays a vital role here to incorporate the staff management in every company. In the case of Tesco, the management authorities are required to notice the enhancement or the diminution in the performance level before and after the deployment (Cecco, 2019). The personal factor of the theory helps to recognize the internal standard and qualities that can stimulate the operations. In other words, the motivations and inspirational integrations would clarify the technological aspects with the performance enrichment. The application of the theory can be highly important for that reason.

It has been opined by Erhardt et al. (2016) that the behavioral factor can be very appropriate for Tesco. In fact, the behavioral factor defines the requirement of maintaining the behaviors with the staff at any circumstance. The staff members of the company reviewed the behaviors in various ways. The employees mentioned all the drawbacks and the features that they encountered while working. Customer management has also been focused at such a point to evaluate the true sense of experience on behalf of the people.

Boateng et al. (2016) stated that the behavioral factor can be implemented in such a way so that the satisfaction level among the staff members and the customers is emphasized. This would help the company to enrich the reputation as well as the profit levels in the market place. The change in the scenario and the bond between the employees and the authorities has been mentioned by the staff that depicts the real image of the behavioral consequences in the company (Cecco, 2019). This can be highlighted from the perspective of the individuals who are inclined towards the implications of the company.

The statements by Erhardt et al. (2016) have been estimated at such points to define the role and essential contribution by the environmental influences over the mannerisms in the company. The environmental changes of the company regardless influence the performance of the employees to a high extent. This has been compared in the theory of social cognition. It can be significantly applied and executed in a particular way to strategically augment the relational bonds between the staff, customers, and the authorities. This is the basic scenario of Tesco which can be collectively stimulated and thus contributed to the cause of the satisfactory elements. It can be evaluated in different formations that can assist the outcomes in a greater way (Cecco, 2019). In other words, Tesco can be truly compared and be influenced by the theoretical approach of the environmental influences.

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The Social Cognitive Theory has been typically discussed in this essay. The case of Tesco has been studied to provide the basic functional characteristics of the theory. The theory can be implemented in the case with utmost significance as it defines the nature of alterations in the scenario that can influence the elements for the analysis of the facts. The reviews from the staff members of the company describe the internal factors like the behaviors and skills that have been implored on the individuals.

Moreover, customers are also included in the procedural changes. The deployment in the company can be established with proper guidance and a theoretical approach. On the other side, the theory aims at the strategic influence on psychological matters. This involves the three main factors of the theory which can stimulate the patterns in statistical images.


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