Behavioral Management in Indian Primary Schools

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  • Published On: 9-11-2023


This study highlights the critical and different aspects of behavioral management in Indian Primary schools. I find this quite important to indulge in the process of structuring behavioral motivation. Behavior management is associated with thought process modeling and structuring the components of individual persons. I am going to critically evaluate the functionalities of behavioral management. I have analyzed that behavioral management has a centralized aspect of keeping up the positive attitude and being accepted by the teachers and students. Personalized methodologies in school are contributing to the core modules of family member influence and identification of each learner material. I came across biological reasons that are associated with children's behavior. It indulges in finding out specific rules and regulations for professionally skilled teachers. Children are often seen to be dealing with psychodynamic processes and cognitive impairments. All children are special and they need to share a superlative improvement process in their personal as well as educational lives. There is a complete authorization of children's behavior involved in systematic study improvement and behavioral inclusion in primary schools.

Reflective study of behavioral management


Description of behavioral management in primary schools

Behavioral management in primary schools has become one of the important aspects of identifying the positive behavior of students, staff, and teachers. In this research, a fair and creative observation of work is done. A supportive environment is created in school and the here critical analysis of research effectiveness is explained. A positive framework is designed as per the fair and supportive situation inside Indian Primary School. There are research questions found out that find to be more important in the management of research (Armstrong, 2019). These questions are associated with the positive behavioral transformation of all linked attributes. Effective behavioral strategies in schools are done by recommending suitable strategies in the primary school environment.

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I have come across the proposed method of study as qualitative and there are uses of the primary data collection process. Some summative assessments are seen to be used in terms of interview and observation to gain maximum components. I have seen that students were asked to select important direct observation. I have found out that primary school children are having a natural expression of stating whatever comes in their minds. According to Bear et al. (2017), their responses are recorded in a quiet exclusive setup. They are facial expression and behavioral inadequacy observed in many of the kids. Understanding behavioral management in the true sense is also done. In-depth interviews are taken for the class teachers and students. I find this quite effective as highly informative and descriptive analysis can be conducted. I believe that children find this useful to relax in an environment where they are motivated the most. However, the absence of standardized guidelines is seen.

I have come across the fact that this research is quite ideal in terms of observing participant behaviors and handling a huge database of responses. The teacher might not be able to maintain all records alone and there is a limitation of records being misplaced. In this research, participants were identified as 20 primary school students and 15 primary school teachers. Non-probability and profitability sampling systems were seen to be logically included in this section of research with a maximum number of people (Demir, 2015). Participants were given an information letter and consent letter for recruiting primary school students for this research. Following ethical standards are important in terms of inclusion and exclusion criteria of research. The school children are working in an impressive way to satisfy their concepts of reasoning and data collection. I have also found that the research is limited in terms of focusing on occupational and geographical location.

I have seen that the researcher uses unstructured and nonnumerical data for this particular research. Educational researchers are indulged within the relevant social behavioral analysis and identification of the right professional objectives (Geelen et al. 2008). I have come across the possible facilitators and barriers that would cause an obstacle to the behavior management system in school. The direct observation method is best suited for managing steps in the elimination of vague statements inside behavioral analysis. I have also analyzed the components of anger, happiness, and mood swings that assist researchers in achievement of purposive sampling components. Children are supposed to be maintaining specific rules and regulations in estimated component analysis.

Personal feeling on behavioral management

I have focused on self-efficiency level management and the researcher has successfully concluded it. I have typically indulged in the idea of managing core competency modules and critical viewpoints. In this context, a modified behavior of learners has been indulged and Indian students need to understand that process as well. It is a matter of praise as the research has included international data and there are severe themes and components generated. Every individual in Indian schools needs to know that behavioral orientation is important in dealing with learners' activities. The relationship that is shared with colleagues is also highlighted. In my opinion, ideal research should contain this process and work on classroom management processes. A classroom is a secular place, there should be no discrimination seen in terms of gender, race, and skin tone. According to Kettler et al. (2018), social and emotional behavioral engagements are processed in this case as well. I have come across the factors of ethical dilemma and professional misconduct between teachers. This attitude is also relevant in the behavioral management of students.

Classroom climate along with the classroom environment is associated with a major aspect of sociological component analysis. I have also come across several themes that are generated by people researchers. As explained by Mitchell, Hirn, and Lewis (2017), central government schools have come across a system of giving reports on classroom requirements by teachers every month. However, newly recruited teachers need to get associated with the process of managing classroom components effectively. Private bodies are more rigid about their rules and regulations. Learners are effectively working in a flexible environment. Learners are found to be non-effective in keeping the classrooms clean and tidy. I have also found out that an absence of quality furniture and blackboard is a major issue in Indian school which needs to be resolved. The research proposes to ensure monthly surveys so that government essentials are getting information about school conditions.

Evaluation of behavioral management

Behavioral management is a process through which a literal understanding of methods and responsibilities can be accessed. This assessment is written in a well-formatted manner and informative way. However, I found this limited as it is giving data of a particular zone of schools and not on a wider basis. In order to be the research effective, the data sets are required to be assessed in terms of a focused place and a wide range of attributes. Concentration levels are incorporated inside military schools and efficient communication development (Ouellette et al. 2018). Not only the focus is given on idealizing the quality of people, but it also indulges in identifying the measures taken for primary school behavioral management and improvement. Effective solutions are required to be indulged from necessary classroom alignments and appropriately giving a reason on how healthy relationships can be managed between teacher and student. I completely agree with the solutions provided in the research and the proposed method of balancing the relationship between teacher and student. There are examples drawn on focusing the extracurricular activities indulged in by each student. Collaborative method of learning is also indulged within this classroom practice. A gender network is a non-correspondence in Indian learning. The discrimination aspect is not create evaluated in this research being critiqued. I would like to add that charity begins at home. At first, the children should get behavioral training at their home. As explained by Reddy, Dudek, and Lekwa, (2017), all behaviors are associated with the way they observe their parents behaving with each other. In the case of male dominance in family and females being mistreated the children learn to do the same in school. They find out that school is only the learning place for boys and not for girls. Living in an environment of domestic violence engulfs the child's mind and he thinks it is okay to be abusive with women even in school. Hence, I find this aspect to be missing while the entire research is being conducted. A sense of accountability and concentration management is done with collaborative learning. There are rewards given on discipline and sanction policies (Rekabdarkolaei, 2011). I also agree with the theme generated as teachers are going to be adopting circumstantial evidence for managing each learning agent. Showcasing excellent work for the management of international policies has been observed as well.

In the Indian economy, the situation can be analyzed in terms of promising good humor to students by the teachers. I have come across the important challenges that have been aggressively indulging in the attitudinal effectiveness of a particular scenario. As explained by Rekabdarkolaei, (2011), lessons should be planned carefully and students are required to be achieving their goals. Constructive activities are suggested for the management of children that are easily distracted. Responsible humor is indulged for the alignment of class positivity and attitudinal occupancy. The incorporation made on behavioral rewarding to children is associated with a classified pattern and this is quite impressive. I have analyzed that high frequency of behavioral analysis is difficult whereas moderate behavior can be analyzed in a medium frequency model. Students are associated with several whiteboard and blackboard engagements.

Analysis of situation

I find this effective for children to communicate with their parents for learning behavioral management. It has become mandatory in government schools to examine the sessions they are participating in along with their parents seeing the grade cards. This process is executable as a large variety of students are paired and found out to be effective learning in Indian schools. Academic misconduct is something that is highlighted in the broad spectrum in this research to be critiqued. I find this quite essential to manage the child's overall progress. Effective strategic directions are seen for promoting a progressive culture among the learners (Smolkowski et al. 2017). A variety of discussions is engaged within the systemic incorporation of child governance. In every six-month duration, the children's performance is measured and sustainable components are analyzed. A behavioral chart is suggested for the identification of teacher-student potential. There are classroom activities indulged within the process of managing the communication and essential recommendation. Some essential quiz games can be played to maintain the certainty of students and create an interactive environment. As referred by Smolkowski et al. (2017), state governmental schools are showing progress by creating PT meetings and giving feedback. I agree with the process of managing each essential component within a system. I support the suggestive methods of learning and working on practical aspects of art and craft options. There are distinct groups of academic assessments done on conducting the organizational promotional components.

I am in support of pepper institutional analysis and playing interactive games with students. Tape recording and translation of sound games should be played with children for the learning assessment of key components. Researchers are effectively finding out the scenarios of primary school behavioral analysis and the research is justified.

Conclusion and future actions

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Behavioral management is the process of positive transformation of behavior, attitudes, and perspectives of people. This study refers to the critical analysis of situations that indulged in behavioral management in primary schools in India. Children are given the responsibility of managing their classrooms. All children are special and they need to share a superlative improvement process in their personal as well as educational lives. A positive culture promotion is important in terms of providing organizational discipline. Interpretivism research philosophy is something that observes semi-structured components of participant's evaluation. In this case, research ethics is also analyzed that engages with confidentiality, beneficence, transferability. Identification of research aims and determination of right informational background has been done here. Ever-increasing competitive learning and models that are occupied as analyzing the strength of pupils and invoicing in decision-making and problem-solving skill.

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