Balancing Environmental Sustainability and Organizational Activities


Environmental sustainability is important for the organisations to secure future sustainable development by running the operational activities ethically (Kucharska and Kowalczyk, 2019). Protecting the environment and creating values for the social communities are the key responsibility of the firms, through which the companies can provide positive brand image and run the business legally (Sardana et al., 2020). Through the study, it is possible to identify the positive and negative impacts of managing environmental sustainability in business and in this regard the review of organisational activities is also important for acknowledging the strategic planning of the business firms to manage the environmental sustainability. .

Positive effects


Environmental sustainability is a about ensuring that the business is able to protect the environmental footprint and secure the human life for long run (Kucharska and Kowalczyk, 2019). There are several benefits of managing environmental sustainability which are reducing global warming, serving the renewable energy resources, reducing the waste and protecting the human lives across the globe. Additionally, the environmental eco system and improving the health of the human and animals are also the benefits of managing the environmental sustainability (Sardana et al., 2020). For example, IKEA is a famous firm in the furniture and home alliances industry, where the company is able to maintain the environmental sustainable operations in the market. The company focuses on utilising their renewable materials for manufacturing the furniture and in this regard 60% of IKEA product range is now based on the renewable furniture. Waste management principle is also effective at IKEA, where it is possible to manage 73% waste in the environment (IKEA, 2020a). On the other hand, the company has associated with the Forest Stewardship Council to protect world’s forest from where their wood has originated. The company is successful to manage green environmental footprint where FSC certified and recycled wood are utilised for manufacturing the quality furniture which meet the customer’s requirements as well as create positive environmental footprint in the market (IKEA, 2020b). They have successful reached 91% of their goal where minimising the production waste, recycling technique for the furniture production and other sustainable solutions such as managing sustainable packaging system. Reduction greenhouse gas emission is successful strategic tactics of IKEA to secure future sustainable development (IKEA, 2020b).

Negative effects

There are several negative impacts of environmental sustain ability, where the companies fail to manage their business sustainability and it deteriorates the brand reputation and market share of the company (Kucharska and Kowalczyk, 2019). For example, Amazon is facing the issue of maintaining sustainability in the market, which provide negative brand image in the e-commerce industry (Amazon, 2020a). The major issue is that there is lack of sustainable solution in managing their supply chain, where the firm purchased more than 20000 delivery vans, where there is high greenhouse gas emission. It is not good for the society and environment and the company fails to manage their environmental sustainability (Sardana et al., 2020). High emission of the greenhouse gases as well as lack of safety and security is the major issues at Amazon, which further deteriorates the brand values ion the market (Amazon, 2020a). The stakeholders including the shareholders, employees and suppliers are not satisfied with the activities of Amazon. The shipment strategy of Amazon is not appropriate according to the environmental sustainability standard and appropriate from that, the company is suffering through the issue of lack of use of renewable energy resources, poor sustainable transportation, and lack of energy efficiency (Amazon, 2020b). There is lack of activities to tackle climate change as well as the supply chain is not according to the standard of green environmental footprint (Kucharska and Kowalczyk, 2019). There are also issues related to waste management and recycling technique which further deteriorates the organisational sustainability. It is mandatory for the company to choose sustainable solutions for running their business efficiently and secure future sustainable development in the e-commerce industry (Amazon, 2020b).


Managing environmental sustainability of the business is hereby mandatory for all the corporate firms to secure future sustainable development and protect the environment and eco system successfully. The companies in the recent years try to focus on managing their sustainability to provide green environmental footprint and positive brand image in the market. It is the responsibility of the organisations to fulfil the economic, social and environmental sustainability in the market where they ensure safety and security of the human lives and animal. The major positive impacts of managing sustainability of the business are good brand image, expansion of the company activities ethically, manage strong market share and achieve future sustainable outcome. If the organisations are unable to maximise the environmental standard, they are suffering through negative environmental footprint, lack of market operations and unethical practice which deteriorates the market share of the company in long run. It is hereby necessary for all the firms to adopt the strategic planning like IKEA to run their operations in a sustainable ways and create values for the social communities as a whole. As per the analysis, Amazon must focus on creating sustainable solutions through efficient shipment for running their business ethically.

Reflective Writing

The above module is effective for me to improve understanding about the research topic, and it is a great opportunity for me to acknowledge the activities of the business firms in maintaining the environmental sustainability. I always try hard to identify he information from several secondary sources and it provides me a scope to improve my research skill, which is mandatory for the academic career, the research skill is important to me as it gives an overview about the research topic, where I come to know a various ranges of information and data associated with the research topic. Additionally, through the research, I come to know about the Harvard referencing style, which is essential for academic writing. I try to improve my knowledge to develop the reference list under Harvard referencing as well as acknowledge the way of citation where authors name and year are mandatory to specify the information. The referencing style as well as the research skill is fruitful for me to perform better and develop a good piece of paper with in depth knowledge and understanding. In addition to this, evaluation skill is also important for academic career, where after gathering information, it is possible for me to evaluate the information and improve understanding to recreant the information and theory in a systematic process. It is also mandatory to avoid the issue of plagiarism in the academic career.

Order Now On the other hand, I try to focus on English communication and written skill, which are mandatory for me to gather more vast knowledge and understanding and write the information efficiently. In this regard, I try to improve my verbal communication skill, I tried hard to interact with others, peer members and supervisor to gather more knowledge and improve my understanding on a particular research topic. Additionally, I would like to improve my grammar and punctuation as well as the vocabulary skills, which are mandatory to develop a good piece of work in the academic career. Through learning and development; I am trying to improve vocabulary skill, to represent my knowledge through a simple and concise content. The learning and development process provides me a scope to improve my future career and achieving the long run career objective. I always try to improve my written skill, so that I can represent the information and avoid the issue of misinterpretation, lack of grammar and repetitive statement. Through this continuous learning and development, I would like to improve my capabilities in academic career and maximise academic skill so that I would achieve my career success in near future. The personal development plan further gives me a scope to develop the future skill development planning, where I would like to improve my academic skill set for achieving the future career objective.

Reference List Reference List

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