Anatomy of Face Ageing

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  • Published On: 24-11-2023

Explain facial ageing process

Facial ageing is referred as the process that begins as the subsurface as well as the surface structural alterations in the different facial tissue layers such as muscles, bone, fats and skin (Avelar et al. 2017). Facial tissues undergo the process ageing naturally and independently that contribute to the apparent changes in the overall facial appearances. Facial ageing occurs in facial tissues through the following processes:


Skin undergoes several changes as the age increases such as skin gets thinner, less elastic, dry due to the lack of reduction of collagen in the skin. Looking young is dependent on how fats are distributed over the skin. With age, there is redistribution, atrophy and accumulation of fats on the skin that cause loss of facial volume.



With increasing age, there is huge loss of the facial bone. Ageing of craniofacial skeleton occurs due to the changing relative dynamics of bone resorption and bone expansion which then cause the biometric volume loss

2) Explain collagen loss:

Collagen is the main factors that hold the youthfulness of a skin by tightly holding the cells and tissues together thereby protecting the skin from loosening. Collagen fibre acts as the major factor in the ageing procedure (Fabi et al. 2017). As the age grows, the collagen fibre located at the middle layer of the skin, the dermis, reduces frequently which reduces the overall elasticity of skin. the collagen loss is associated with loss of elastic and the hyaluronic acid which are important factors that assist skin to retain natural moisture and elasticity. therefore, due to the loss of these factors following changes are occurred:

Skin becomes dry Skin becomes less supple It becomes less elastic The skin becomes thinner day by day.

3) Describe the changes in bone structures with ageing

As a person grows older there occurs significant changes in the facial bone structures. The dynamics of the bone resorption and bone extension in the craniofacial skeleton changes which leads to the loss of biometric volume of these bones (Kim et al. 2019). There are also apparent changes that occur in the soft skin and tissues of the facial bone. There are many signs of ageing on the facial bones which are as follows:

Apparent lines, bone landmarks and wrinkles on the face Develops the prominent transverse forehead links Skin loosening on the mis face Changes in the bones around the mouth areas. Formation of marionettes line or the pre-jowl depression.

4) Describe the changes to fat volume with ageing

The youthfulness of a face is dependent on the amount and distribution of fats in the facial skin. A person looks young if there is right amount of fats on the right lace of facial skin (Ko et al. 2017). With ageing, there is redistribution, atrophy and accumulation of fat that cause the looming of skin thereby the facial volume loss. With ageing some areas frequently loose fats such as for heads, neck and cheeks. On the other hand, with ageing there are other areas that gain fats such as jaw and mouth. Contour deficiency occurs in the face die to the changes in the fat pads The fat-rich areas tend to be farther apart there forming separate structures of fat pads rather than presenting a continuous and smooth layer of fat.

5) Describe procedures to prevent and combat face ageing

There are different produces that can be followed for preventing facial ageing Facial aesthetic treatment can be undertaken that is classified into the following categories

Restructuring process:

Through this process correction and modification are done in the face surfaces. This process is involved in correcting the irregular pigmentation, fine lines, acnes and blemishes (Sadick, 2018). There are several effectives resurfacing process such as: Laser resurfacing Microdermabrasion Chemical peers Injectables: These substances are administered into the body through injection for preventing the volume loss, wrinkles, fatty jawlines and blemishes. Most commonly used injectables are neurotoxins, collagen stimulators and traditional filler.

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