Technology in Healthcare: Advantages and Concerns


Background Information: in healthcare can contain analytical and treatment process in hospitals and health center. It also comprise medications and devices which are required for information management and diagnosis.

Issue: technology has brought many advantages to healthcare field, it has also generated many concerns for people which also need to be taken care of (Kerr & Jelinek, 1990).


Thesis Statement: essay argues about if technology has provided advantages to healthcare segment or not.

Route map: First the development of technology in healthcare segment will be analyzed. Then the issues of such development will be discussed and both side of argument with respect to technological development in healthcare will be described

Main Body

Causes for Argument

Healthcare technology is an extensive area where innovation plays vital part in sustaining health. It comprises fields like biotechnology, pharmaceutical technology, information technology and medical devices.

Topic Sentence: The argument for technology in healthcare is that it has resulted in noteworthy savings in healthcare expenses and also enhanced the quality of healthcare services.

  • Technology has opened the door for more noninvasive healthcare process. Technology has also made diagnosis simpler and accurate than before.
  • For example, technology has made the management of patient information much easier along with better data coordination with less possibility of mistakes (Banova, 2013).

Causes against argument

Topic Sentence: Technology has also brought hidden threats to healthcare.

  • For instance, technology such as internet has provided immeasurable stream of information about healthcare which is not essentially a good thing. Although websites provides great information on healthcare, but it cannot replace the experience and knowledge of healthcare experts. Self-diagnosis can be injurious for people with less knowledge (Sustainable Development Unit, 2017).
  • Furthermore, another example is that overdependence on technology in order to detect any illness is also a threat for healthcare segment. At the worst scenario it can result in misdiagnosis or mistreatment and therefore lead to severe damage in health and well-being of people. Unfortunately technology provides inexpensive and simple way of healthcare, however, in the long run it can lead to more expenses beyond expectations (Banova, 2013).
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Technological development has brought new techniques in healthcare, but at the same time it has generated new issues for people. There are computer programs which help to minimize efforts and manage and retrieve information quickly, however, one must not rely too much on technology in order to detect diseases or to self-treat the diseases. Technology has made identification of treatment plan much easier and simultaneously generated certain risks. Therefore, based on the strategies to deal with healthcare problems and convenience of healthcare to patients healthcare experts can look forward to use technology for a healthy future.


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