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  • Published On: 22-11-2023

Self reflective assessment is mandatory for the individual to review own skill and abilities as well as develop further planning for enhancing the knowledge so that the person would be able to perform better and fulfil the working objectives (Robertson, Le Sueur and Terblanche, 2020). The reflective assessment is effective to analyse own skill and abilities as well as identity the required skill for the individual to develop own knowledge for better performance (Eng, Hungler and Brant, 2020). Through this reflective assessment, I am able to review own activities and capabilities in the professional field, where my aim is to achieve corporate success by enhancing my efficacy and productivity. I would like to conduct personal SWOT analysis for reviewing own capabilities and competencies in the professional world as well as develop personal and professional planning for further knowledge and skill improvement.

Personal SWOT
Personal SWOT

As per the personal SWOT, it is possible for the individual to review own strengths and weaknesses as well as analyse the future opportunities and threats in working in the professional field (Daniëls, Hondeghem and Dochy, 2019). As per the analysis, my personal strengths are such as academic knowledge and efficacy to work in the workplace for fulfilling the job role, good employee relationship, understanding about others and self confidence, where I always try to give my level best in achieving the career objectives. However, I have some weaknesses which are lack of time management skill, problems in prioritising jobs, absence of skill to express own thoughts and lack of verbal communication skill of which I will face difficulties to perform in my professional career. The future opportunities are such as good workplace, communication skill and gathering more knowledge which further help me to improve leadership and managerial skill for better performance and productivity in the workplace (Schedlitzki, 2019). In order to mitigate the competitive threat in the workplace as well as the issue of lack of communication, poor time management and lack of effective ways to express my own thoughts, it would be beneficial to develop personal and professional development planning so that I would be able to achieve future career success.

Evaluating own skill and abilities

Through evaluating own skill and abilities, it is possible for the individual to identify own strengths and weaknesses which further provides a scope to the individual to improve the skill set for performing better (Horton-Deutsch and Sherwood, 2017; Linsley and Barker, 2019). Through the above analysis, I am able to review my abilities and competencies in the professional ffield. I am able to adopt the working environment and develop friendly relationship with the colleagues. This further helps me to work with others and accepting the working environment is good for me in collaborating with others and working efficiently in long run. I focus on developing employee relationship so that I can create good team work at the organisational workplace and it further helps me to improve my leadership and managerial skill in long run. Through developing employee relationship, I try to improve understanding at the workplace and develop my emotional intelligence skill to work with others. However, it is a major problem for me to express my thoughts in a simple way in front of others which deteriorate my performance. I fail to express my thoughts and strategies to work efficiently in the workplace. Hence, it is mandatory for me to develop communication skill including both verbal and non-verbal so that I can share my opinion with others and work successfully. I would also like to improve my time management skill so that I can work within effective time and complete it successfully, prioritising the tasks, note down the activities and time frame management are helpful for me to develop the time management skill. Through reading the newspapers and articles as well as reviewing the training programs are helpful for me to improve my communication skill which will provide me a scope to develop a good team and work as a partnership working practice by ensuring high internal communication and collaboration.

Personal and professional development planning
Personal and professional development planning
Conclusion and recommendations
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Through the evaluation and personal SWOT, I came to know that, I am able to develop friendly atmosphere at the workplace and adopt the working environment of the company by developing understanding and good corporate bonding. I also come to know that it is difficult for me to manage time and complete the tasks within time and hereby I need to develop time management skill through prioritising the jobs. Additionally, I would like to improve communication and leadership skill, which are mandatory for me to achieve future professional success. Through developing people management skill, good cooperation and team developmental skill, competencies including conflict resolution, problem solving activities and decision making practice, I would be able to achieve my professional career success and work efficiently in future.

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