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To What Extent is Eco-Tourism a Viable Solution to the Problems of Mass Tourism

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  • Published On: 01-11-2023

To begin with, Fennell & Ebrary (1999) described mass tourism as a form of tourism that attracts a large group of people to a particular region mostly during a specific period or season. According to Fennell & Ebrary (1999), mass tourism has been lauded as a source of capital for long term economic development. Holden & Ebrary (2000) is of the opinion that it is particularly important to countries that are seeking to generate foreign exchange as well as attract foreign investment. However, Fennell & Ebrary (1999) stated that mass tourism comes with the price of sociological and ecological disturbance to the local community. Buckley & Ebrary (2003) specifically writes that mass tourism is detrimental on the basis that it endangers the eco-system through the numerous developmental projects that are usually aimed creating additional or superior accommodation for mass tourists and even creating artificial attractions sites to an extent that threatens the existence of endangered species and natural environments.


Fennell & Ebrary (1999) in their opinion stated that mass tourism is not sustainable neither does it promote the interest of the local people and the environment but rather it is purely profit driven. Buckley & Ebrary (2003) on their part stated that there is urgent need to promote sustainable tourism through alternative tourisms, such as eco-tourism, which is capable of reducing human impact on the ecosystems. Holden & Ebrary (2000) described eco-tourism as sustainable tourism that is geared towards attracting tourists to natural environments; however, its capability of generating massive economic returns poses as threat to the actual conservation of these natural environments. Buckley & Ebrary (2003) further bemoans the capability of eco-tourism as viable solution to dangers posed by mass tourism since it solely relies on the goodwill of powerful financial and political influences but it remains to be unproven whether such influences can vouch for the conservation of natural ecosystem by putting aside the desire for private profit.

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