A Study on Enthusiastic Idealists and Pragmatic Learners

The study by Mearman et al. (2014) mentions that there is variety of reason due to which students attend lectures in schools. The study mentioned six categories mentioned by Dolnicar (2004) regarding students that define different motivation of them in attending lectures. The first group are called to be Enthusiastic or Idealists who attend lectures because they are enthusiastic about attending the session and feel the lectures are effective way in which they can develop meaningful knolwdege regarding the study topic. The second group are called Pragmatics who are students wanting to attend lectures because they wish to know what they are required to learn from the lectures and which particular topics in the study are important. They attend lectures because they are also interested in knowing details about assessment task and do not wish to avoid learning any significant information that may help them in excelling in the assessment. For all the students who want to enhance their understanding further in the study, seeking education dissertation help for the benefits.


The third group is known as “Averagely Motivated Students” who are reported to attend lectures due to similar purpose like the pragmatists. However, they also attend lectures because they feel learning alone is tougher than learning by attending lecture as they feel the lectures make the knolwdege regarding any topic to be understood in easier manner. The fourth group is known as "Fundamentals oriented students” who shows sharing of motivation in attending lectures from pure pragmatic perspective but mentioned that they also attend lectures because attendance in the lecture mans they are able to learn the fundamental aspects of the topic. The fifth group known as "Minimalist" shows motivation to attend lectures because do not wish to miss the important data and information shared in the lectures. The sixth group is known as "Everything but pleasure" who mentioned most of the motivation mentioned by other group apply for their purpose of attending lectures but reported that they do not feel enjoyment or enthusiasm as faced by other groups in attending lectures. The study further informs that student in business school attend lectures because of certain value and attitude. The values that influence attending lecture are career development, leisure hours, topic of interest, status and respect by the lecture, reward and others. The ability such as self-reported scores regarding math, verbal ability and others also influence attending lectures in business schools. The attitudes such as peer influence, ambition, annoyance, effort, attending good grades and others also influence lecture attendance by students.

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Mearman, A., Pacheco, G., Webber, D., Ivlevs, A. and Rahman, T., 2014. Understanding student attendance in business schools: An exploratory study. International Review of Economics Education, 17, pp.120-136

The presenter is required to be delivered the information in a confident and fair way so that the audience understand the facts being explained and feel they are true. This is because doubtful presentation makes the audience question the professional ability and level of knowledge regarding the topic of the presenter. (Solid, 2020)

The presence of effective verbal, as well as non-verbal communication and speech formation and understanding ability, is required for a quality presenter so that they can deliver the speech as well as maintain positive language during the presentation to keep the audience remain attracted to listen. (Paway, 2020)

A good presenter required to have the quality of being artistic to animatedly present data to the audience so that they can easily understand even the complex facts.

The other quality required is that the presenter required to be credible and reliable in delivering the information so that the audience is never misguided or doubt the authenticity of the facts being shared that may disrupt their interest from listening to the presentation. (Solid, 2020)

A good presenter requires the quality of being passionate as well as dynamic in stimulating the audience to involve in listening to them. (Paway, 2020)

The quality of a good presenter is being natural and energetic in delivering the presentation so that a vital atmosphere is created during the presentation for the audience. (Paway, 2020)

A good presenter needs to have the quality of having detailed knowledge regarding the topic being presented so that any queries from the audience regarding the topic can resolve to make it easier and engaging for them to listen to it.

A good presenter needs the quality of being extensively organised so that they deliver the presentation of the fact-based on sequence to help the audience understand the facts effectively. (Solid, 2020)

The presenter being good need to have the quality of being time-sensitive so that they can deliver the presentation in limited time allocated for them.

A good presenter requires to have the quality of being clarified in their speech along with being concise so that large information can be presented briefly and yet effectively understood by the audience. (Kwon and Kudrowitz, 2018)


Kwon, J. and Kudrowitz, B., 2018. Good idea! Or, good presentation? Examining the effect of presentation on perceived quality of concepts. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing: AI EDAM, 32(4), pp.380-389.

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