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References for Dental Clinic Efficiency and Informatics Research

Links of the Reference to look for the questioner:

  1. Alaghemandan, H., Yarmohammadian, M.H., Khorasani, E. and Rezaee, S., 2014. Efficiency improvement of dentistry clinics: introducing an intervening package for dentistry clinics, isfahan, iran. International journal of preventive medicine, 5(2), p.176.
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  3. Al-Nasser, L., Al-Ehaideb, A. and Househ, M., 2014. Assessing the current state of dental informatics in saudi arabia: the new frontier. Studies in health technology and informatics, 202, pp.165-168.
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  8. Mann, C.J., 2003. Observational research methods. Research design II: cohort, cross sectional, and case-control studies. Emergency medicine journal, 20(1), pp.54-60.

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