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Key Qualities for Employability Development

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  • Published On: 24-11-2023

There are several qualities which contribute to the successful development of one’s skills and personality which lead to gainful employment in the future. In this section, I will be elucidating on some of the qualities that I believe had led to the development of my employability. They will be included point wise and expanded upon categorically.

  • Communication Skills: I believe that during my student years, the most development I have experienced in the area of communication skills. Communication skills are important in maintaining inter-personal relationships as well as formal relationships and they are also key to the successful operation of any organization. The most useful communication skills that I feel I have learned is how to properly articulate the the needs of my project or my personal needs and put them forward for maximum gain.
  • Flexibility: Another skill which I believe I have been able to develop successfully in the duration of my study years is being flexible in any given situation. Flexibility helped me fit my curriculum demands into my extra-curriculum demands and my social. Being flexible in a work environment has allowed me to adapt to different kinds of situation whereby I can use my own judgement to juggle several tasks. Additionally, it has led to me being a quick learner whereby I can be faced with unfamiliar jobs but have the ability and mental agility to quickly grasp its concepts.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism is a skill which is essential in a working environment but rarely ever taught explicitly. Professionalism is understanding the alterations one must make in a formal environment with respect to working in a professional environment. It relates to several qualities which a worker must possess, such as punctuality, politeness, proper conduct and so on. They are the sum total of the kind of behaviours which are expected in a formal space which seek fairness and good conduct towards the superiors and subordinates alike.
  • Experience: One of the most important qualities that a young professional needs to possess is experience, before they venture out into the working world is prior experience. I have understood that in order to be gainfully employed in the sector that I want to work in, I need to have relevant work experience in that sector. A position like a professional internship is indicative of the fact that the applicant has worked in the sector before and they are aware of the general workings one should expect. Additionally, I have realised that volunteering is also a valuable experience to have as it gives the applicant a definitive advantage in experience. Additionally, it shows that the applicant possesses the ideal of commitment and has within themselves certain principles and ideals.

APPENDIX 2: My Personal SWOT Analysis (as a student of BNU)

My Personal SWOT Analysis

APPENDIX 3: My Personal Development Plan (to become an employable graduate after 2024)

My Personal Development Plan

APPENDIX 4: Reading Log 1

Reading Log 1

APPENDIX 5: Reading Log 2

Reading Log 2

APPENDIX 6: Resources for Job Hunting 1

Resources for Job Hunting 1

Conclusion: I will use this particular service as it will allow me to remotely put in job applications for several companies without having to visit the offices. The most efficient way to do this is by having an excellently-made resume and tailor it according to specific needs.

References Work - 2020. Five Reasons To Use The Internet For A Job Search. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 December 2020].

APPENDIX 7: Resources for Job Hunting 2

Resources for Job Hunting 2



Appendix 8Academic Resources 1

BNU E-Library
Order Now Academic Resources 1

Conclusion: I will use the portal to do research with regards to my job seeking endeavours.


Appendix 10Blog – How to Prepare for The Future Job Market?

How will new technologies change the future job market?

What would be the new job opportunities available in the future?

How can we prepare for those new opportunities?

New technology is changing the job market by replacing tedious tasks like data processing and assembling to rest, and more importance is being given to innovation (Gibbs, 2017). Hence, the job market will be more open to more innovative forms of jobs which call for advancements in artificial intelligence and creativity. We can prepare for those opportunities by honing our innovative side instead of just leaning skills useful for work.

Citation : Gibbs, M., 2017. How is new technology changing job design?. IZA World of Labor.

APPENDIXPoster - New Features of MS WORD (RM Unify version)

APPENDIX : Reading Log 3

Reading Log 3

APPENDIX : Reading Log 4

Reading Log 4

AppendixMy Favourite Bucks Graduate Attributes

My Favourite Bucks Graduate Attributes
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