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Control System for Paint Booth


In control systems, operations of different devices and devices is subject to sequential flow of logic under a flowchart. This module chart describes the control flow of process in a step-by-step instruction. For instance, in an automated colour mixing system, each stage is subject instructions determining the operation at that point then what happens next. The programmer logic controller (PLC) is a used for such automation with pre-programmed and installed instructions. Actuator systems are very important for an organization or for a system because they make work easier. Actuators are motion motors that are designed with the aim of making work easier in an industry due to their different advantage levels. Before selecting appropriate actuators, it is significant to consider factors such as classifications and skyline approaches. This paper outlines the operations of a control systems describing the logical flow of an automated colour mixing system, programming the system, and basis of choosing actuators.


Task 1: System Control Flowchart

System Control Flowchart System Control Flowchart1 System Control Flowchart2

Figure: Pneumatic cylinder connected to solenoid and conveyer

PLC Programming: Ladder logic

System Control Flowchart3 Figure: PLC Ladder logic (full logic see CCWSLN file)

Actuator Evaluation and Selection

Actuators are motors that will drive or move/control the paint mixing and packaging line system. The motors will be controlled and operated by a source of energy; they will be as an electric current or a hydraulic fluid pressure and convert the motions into some energy. The actuators that would best serve this project are hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic and motors. Pneumatic actuators and mechanical actuators would be the best alternative for this PLC system; it would help the productivity and performance of the system. Some of the positive addition of these two actuators would improve the efficacy, reliability, and maintainability of the system. Also, these actuators do not require a lot of energy to control or to work effectively. They require very little energy to produce a lot of energy that is enough to make the system work for a very long time.

Pneumatic actuator

When a pneumatic actuator receives a voltage, it performs a little relocation with a large driving capacity. A Pneumatic actuator may be used for a variety of applications, including ultra-precise positioning and the generation and management of large forces or weights in inactive or active settings which could best serve this project. The figure below shows a sample pneumatic actuator. It works with a force created by air and spring, with a kind of motion that is transmitted through the stem assists force with the help of actuator controls and. This type of actuator is very efficient and reliable, which would help the project achieve its success. Its maintainability is also very simple that will not cost the company a lot when they want to improve the system. One of the major industries that use this pneumatic actuator is the automotive industry. They use the actuators to mix colours that are used to paint cars in the industry. It helps in Automotive coatings and the techniques used to coat automotive surfaces represent the cutting edge of technology, capable of providing long-lasting surfaces, exceeding consumers' expectations of aesthetics, maximizing efficiency, and fulfilling environmental standards (Awantha et al., 2020).

When a pneumatic actuator receives a voltage

Mechanical actuator

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This type of actuator helps in pushing up and downwards in the system to give a rotational speed to the supporting shaft through a belt and pulley structure. A servo engine controller controls the development of the supporting shaft. The actuator also has got Worm and worm wheel that helps in speeding up the rotation of the system. It could assist the system in improving its speed to exceed the normal speed used in the PLC machine. The actuators could help in currying up larger or heavier loads to improve the machine's performance efficiency. When high accuracy and precision are required, this type of mechanical actuator is quite beneficial. Furthermore, the mechanical actuator can lift to a stack of 200 N, which is a massive lifting drive and may be linked up to this amount of lifting restrict where it is necessary to drag or shove in a mechanical framework or device (Mazzoleni et al., 2017). This is one of the best actuators that would properly sever this project and also could help to improve the efficiency of production.

This type of actuator helps in pushing


The report introduced logical flow chart of a colour mixing system, then programming the system to automating fill, empty a mixing tank, then transfer the batch to a warehouse after labelling. It also described the process of choosing actuators and the procedure of selecting actuators for effective production for a company. As a result, the research has selected two actuators, namely, pneumatic actuator and mechanical actuator, which can be used to do proper mixing in the company. It is important to look for the characteristics of different actuators before one makes a selection or a given choice about them. Selecting good actuators according to the report will help any organization improve the efficiency of its production. Here we also elaborated and characterized these two actuators, and the report concluded that the two are the best to be used in this mixture.


Awantha, W. V. I., Wanasinghe, A. T., Kavindya, A. G. P., Kulasekera, A. L., & Chathuranga, D. S. (2020, May). A novel soft glove for hand tremor suppression: Evaluation of layer jamming actuator placement. In 2020 3rd IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft) (pp. 440-445). IEEE.

Mazzoleni, M., Maccarana, Y., Previdi, F., Pispola, G., Nardi, M., Perni, F., & Toro, S. (2017, July). Development of a reliable electro-mechanical actuator for primary control surfaces in small aircrafts. In 2017 IEEE international conference on advanced intelligent mechatronics (AIM) (pp. 1142-1147). IEEE.

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